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Flip a Coin at Jackalope to Win $1 Drinks on Tuesdays

Published On 04/07/2015 Published On 04/07/2015
Daisy Barringer/Thrillist

We've told you before what an amazing bar Jackalope is, but if for some reason $10 signature cocktails, a loft where you can play Duck Hunt on a vintage NES, and Plinko Drinko (a Plinko board where $10 gets you the chance to win great boozy prizes) didn't convince you, then what we're about to tell you surely will.

Now, on Tuesdays, you can do all of those things AND possibly get all of your cocktails for ONE DOLLAR. "What?" you're thinking. "That can't be real!" Oh, but is is... From 8pm-2am, just go into Jackalope and order a drink, any drink. The bartender will then flip a coin and you'll call it in the air. If you call it correctly, your drink is a dollar. If you're wrong, you pay full price. Basically, even if you lose, you don't actually lose. Which is our favorite kind of losing.

Oh, and if it's a group order, the group will divide into two sides and the side that wins the coin toss gets its drinks for a buck. Losers pay full price. If two of you are paying separately, you can both ask the bartender to flip. Don't be D-bags though and have 10 people pay separately, k? Just pick the winning side. (Heads. Always heads. Except half of the time when it's tails...)

So just to sum things up: delicious cocktails, Duck Hunt, Drinko Plinko, and a 50% chance of dollar drinks on Tuesday nights.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and her biggest dream in life is to play Plinko on "The Price is Right." Tweet her your life dreams @daisy.

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1. Jackalope 1092 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (The Tenderloin)

This bar has a Duck Hunt party room, excellent cocktails, and a Plinko board for drink specials -- plus, it's named for one of the sweetest (supposedly) mythical creatures around.



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