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Seafood grown on a terrace, plus FREE JUICE!

Eating well is hard, and eating good is harder -- but being able to do both when inhaling chocolate sea salt cookies is easier than you think. To drive that point home, Thrillist and Bolthouse Farms have teamed up to show off the best of SF’s locally minded restaurants. First up? Trace.Trace’s virtues have been evident since its 2011 debut. Nowadays, they’re taking local and sustainable super literally -- like, “that honey you’re eating was made on the roof of this building” local or “those plants are farmed on the fourth floor terrace in a process that somehow involves fish” sustainable (seriously, it’s called “aquaponics”). Soon, your plate will be a tiny farm making the food that you’re ordering in real time. To show their love for local, the carrot farmers at Bolthouse Farms will give you a free bottle of their tasty juice (maybe carrot, maybe one of their 29 other varieties) if you hit up Trace this week -- just don’t sit at the 60-person communal table, or your juice will vanish without a… well, you know.