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Beretta Has a Secret Bird-Themed Cocktail Menu. Shhhhhhhh.

Published On 03/05/2015 Published On 03/05/2015
Aubrie Pick

First: we can only talk about this if you double-pinky-triple-stampy swear you won't talk about it. Second: Beretta bar manager Dominic Alling is The Man, specifically The Man behind Beretta's SUPER-cool, SUPER-secret cocktail menu called the "Field Guide to the Birds," wherein he spent hours researching and carefully selecting birds/creating cocktails inspired by their individual characteristics.

So, how do you get a look at this SUPER-cool, SUPER-secret menu? Well, you won't find it laying around on the bar, but if you ask nicely and then "cacaw" three times (NOT TWO), a Beretta bartender will super-secretly hand you one, and -- at least as of today -- you'll find each of these clandestine cocktails inside of it...

Aubrie Pick


Tequila, lemon, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, toasted fennel
"The Kiskadee is small but mighty and makes sure to leave a lasting impression wherever he lands."

Melanie Getman

New World Vulture

Bourbon, Cocchi di Torini, Gran Classico, Amontillado Sherry, apricot

Aubrie Pick

"His lack of bird call only adds to his nightmarish persona communicating only through pained grunts and hissing.” 

Aubrie Pick

California Thrasher

Rum, Bacanora, Oloroso Sherry, chocolate barley, bitters
"He is quite adept at mimicking the calls of others but his own tune is low, warbling and harsh and he is found to be extremely aggressive and territorial.”

Aubrie Pick

Bohemian Waxwing

Gin, lemon, Campari, aloe, egg white, rose
"Named after the rather "bohemian" lifestyle of these nomadic winter travelers this lovely bird claims no territory of its own and is consistently on the move."

Melanie Getman

Strange Weaver

Gin, rum, lemon, Campari, Cocchi di Torino, orgeat foam

Aubrie Pick

"Bitter and anti-social the strange variety prefers solitude and only cares to share his fine homebuilding with one other bird.”

Aubrie Pick

Siamese Fireback

Rum, lime, ginger, banana, Prosecco
"Known for its love of performance the fireback can often be found wing whirring to show off his impressive coat of color or teasing his female counterparts with coo's and treats."

Aubrie Pick

Magnificent Hummingbird

Pisco, popcorn, lemon, candied sour apple
"He can be found feasting on sweet floral nectars and attracting mates with sharp chirps and chatter and his striking appearance.”

Aubrie Pick

Sage Sparrow

Mint flashed mezcal, lemon, creme de menthe, Velvet Falernum, egg white
"His sound is strongly defined and beautifully complex.”

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and her spirit cocktail bird is the Strange Weaver, as she, too, can be a little anti-social, preferring solitude in her intricately woven home. Follow her on Twitter @daisy.

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