62 heated outdoor drinking spots in SF

Daisy Barringer

If there's one thing we love in San Francisco, it's drinking outside. Also, just being outside or whatever... but mostly just drinking there. So it's kind of a bummer when "winter" comes along and temps drop to, like, the 50s (not the 50s!!!), and suddenly we have to choose between hypothermia and enjoying our beverages al fresco. BUT DO WE? 

Nope! And not just because it's actually impossible to get hypothermia when the temps are in the 50s, but ALSO thanks to these 62 bars and restaurants that understand our pain and have not just outdoor spaces, but heated outdoor spaces. So that you can make the most informed drinking (and eating, we guess) decisions possible, we broke 'em all down by 'hood and what kind of heated outdoor drinking scene you can expect.

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El Rio
Bernal Heights
3158 Mission St
Heat lamps, happy hour until 8pm, ping pong some of the time, live music lots of the time, and it's dog-friendly.
Virgil’s Sea Room
Bernal Heights
3152 Mission St
Some of the best hot toddys in the city, and patio heat lamps that they put on full blast when the temps drop.

Cafe Flore

Café Flore
2298 Market St
Grab an Irish or Mexican coffee at the full bar and take them to the tree-shaded patio where they (sometimes) have heat lamps.

2362 Market St
Order dinner and drinks on the heated patio and try to get a table by the fireplace, if you can.
215 Church St
Plenty of heat lamps keep this enclosed patio toasty warm, but you’ll have to order some food if you want to sit and drink there.
Dante’s Table
544 Castro St
Sure, you’ve got to order brunch or dinner to enjoy the heat lamps on the (partially covered) back patio, but that’s cool, 'cause they serve Italian food and who doesn’t like Italian food? (No one.)
558 Castro St
This quaint back patio not only has heat lamps, but also cuddly blankets for each chair. Bonus: it’s open for brunch on the weekends.
The Mix
4086 18th St
The partially covered back patio can get cramped thanks to the heaters and Tiki torches. Oh, and because you’re allowed to smoke there. And not just tobacco, if you know what we mean. (You do.)
3583 16th St
You’ll need to order dinner to sit at a table on the covered back patio (with heat lamps), but that’s okay because their pizza is delicious.
Toad Hall
4146 18th St
You can order your 2-for-1 cocktails Monday-Friday until 8:30pm at the back patio’s separate bar. And yes, there are heat lamps to keep you warm.

Zazie San Francisco

Cole Valley
941 Cole St
Ask to be seated on the patio when you make your dinner reservation (brunch is first come, first served). An awning covers the patio when necessary and there are also heat lamps and blankets.

Liverpool LiL's

Liverpool Lil's
Cow Hollow
2942 Lyon St
It ain't fancy, but the front patio overlooks the Presidio and has a few heat lamps to keep ya warm while you get down with a burger and beers.

Ottimista Restaurant & Bar
Cow Hollow
1838 Union St
The cozy outdoor patio has comfy seats and heat lamps and is perfect for Union St people-watching. And Union St wine-, beer-, and cocktail-drinking.

Palm House
Cow Hollow
2030 Union St
The outdoor patio has the second oldest palm tree in SF, as well as plenty of heat lamps -- although, you might not need them if you and your friends finish the entire Tropical Storm punch bowl (with floating rubber ducky on top).

Dirty Habit

Dirty Habit
12 4th St
This Union Square bar is everything a patio should be: protected from the wind, full of heat lamps, boasting a fire pit, and armed with hot toddys that are delivered in a lunch box.

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana San Francisco

Americano Restaurant & Bar
8 Mission St
Tons of seating (some even with cushions!), lots of heat lamps, and a pretty stunning view of the Bay Bridge... if you’re into that kinda thing.
Pier 23 Cafe
Pier 23
The covered patio also has heat lamps. And views of the water. And live music every single day.
La Mar Cebicheria Peruana
Pier 1 1/2
Make a dinner reservation if you want to sit on this atrium-like outdoor, covered patio with views of the bay.

Rosa Mexicano
30 Mission St
Come for the heated seating out front (there’s lots of it). Stay for the daily happy hour from 4-7pm.
399 Embarcadero
Not one, but TWO patios with umbrellas and heat lamps make the $1.05 happy hour oysters taste even yummier.

Belden Taverna

Belden Place
Financial District
Between Pine & Bush St
B44, Belden Taverna, Brindisi Cucina di Mare, Café Bastille, Café Tiramisu, Plouf, Sam’s Grill, and Sauce are all excellent choices in this hidden alleyway that’s like the French Quarter of SF, complete with outdoor seating and lots of heat lamps.
The Irish Bank
Financial District
10 Mark Ln
Drink your Irish car bombs in what’s more or less a heated alleyway. Mostly more.

Arlequin Cafe & Food To Go

Arlequin Cafe & Food To Go
Hayes Valley
384 Hayes St
There aren’t a million heat lamps, but it’s nothing a beer jacket can’t compensate for.
Hayes Valley
424 Octavia St
There are no heat lamps or fire pits at this outdoor German beer garden, but if you’re cold, they’ll give you an awesome wool blankie.

Inner Sunset

Inner Sunset
1224 9th Ave
Skip the location across from the DMV (where the outdoor space is a weird screened-in room that’s basically in a parking lot) and instead head to the Inner Sunset location, where the back garden has three big beer tables, walls covered with climbing vines, and, of course, heat lamps to keep you toasty warm while you wait for your margarita.

Park Chow
Inner Sunset
1240 9th Ave
There's plenty of of tented/heat-lamped outdoor seating, so you’re outdoors, but only kinda. In a good way, since it’s cold and foggy in the Inner Sunset 364 days a year.

The Tipsy Pig

The Tipsy Pig
The Marina
2231 Chestnut St
The huge back patio is tented and heated from November to May. Hello, reason to head to Chestnut St.

Bin 38
The Marina
3232 Scott St
The tented and heated patio (looks like The Marina knows wassup) is the perfect place to enjoy one of 50 wines by the glass or 35 craft beers. Maybe not all at once though?
The Marina
2150 Chestnut St
The front patio has two communal tables and a fireplace to keep things toasty warm. Get there for happy hour: $5 apps and wine and $3 beer.

The Marina
3324 Steiner St
Probably the tented, heated patio will make you want to pretend you’re a lion tamer, especially depending on how much advantage you take of the $5 cocktails during happy hour (every day until 7pm).

Foreign Cinema

Arabian Nights Restaurant
The Mission
2345 Mission St
The heated outdoor patio doubles as a hookah lounge. And sometimes there’s even belly dancing. You, however, should keep your t-shirt on. And yeah, you're wearing just a t-shirt 'cause again: heated patio.
Atlas Café
The Mission
3049 20th St
You can bring your pup to this outdoor patio, which has heat lamps and a pretty decent beer selection for a "café".

El Techo de Lolinda
The Mission
2518 Mission St
The only bummer about this restaurant with rooftop seating, clear wind-barriers, heat lamps, and amazing views, is that you’ll likely have to wait to get in. Unless you make a reservation, and then... you won't! You can even make one for brunch. WE KNOW.
Foreign Cinema
The Mission
2534 Mission St
The courtyard has twinkling lights and lots of heat lamps and is really the only place to sit.
Gracias Madre
The Mission
2211 Mission St
The semi-enclosed front patio is heated, which makes up for the fact that this place is vegan and has a pretty small beer selection. Kind of.

The Mission
741 Valencia St
So, the outdoor area is sort of in a small alleyway. And only about half of the tables actually warm up from the heaters on the wall. So, just get one of those and you’ll be set! 
The Vestry
The Mission
777 Valencia St
Enjoy excellent hand-crafted cocktails while sitting in the outdoor area that's walled off with a view of Valencia St (aka great people-watching), and heat lamps on colder nights.

The Valley Tavern

Noe Valley
1320 Castro St
A small patio out back has heat lamps and a plastic (removable) roof to keep out the cold. And no, we're not going to make a "raise the roof" joke, and you can't make us.

Noe Valley
3913 24th St
The dog-friendly patio is huge for SF, and it's covered and heated. Four paws up!

The Valley Tavern
Noe Valley
4054 24th St
Sure, only part of the three-tier patio has heat lamps, but there are TVs out there, so that totally makes up for it.

Rogue Ales Public House San Francisco

Naked Lunch
North Beach
504 Broadway
Bring cash to this dog-friendly patio that’s covered and heated and the perfect place to enjoy a $12 PBR bucket (six beers) during happy hour.

Rogue Ales Public House
North Beach
673 Union St
This place is basically a hidden beer garden with picnic tables, umbrellas, and yes, of course, heat lamps, so that your drinking can easily transition from day to night.

Skool Restaurant

Skool Restaurant
Portrero Hill
1725 Alameda St
Though Potrero has some of the best weather in SF, Skool is still prepared to ensure you never get cold thanks to umbrellas, space heaters, and roll fleece blankets. Oh, and you can snuggle with your pooch for extra warmth, since he’s allowed to come too.
Mission Rock Resort
Portrero Hill
817 Terry A Francois Blvd
This big patio overlooks the Bay and has heat lamps in case you get cold while drinking their delicious double bacon Bloody Marys.
Portrero Hill
499 Illinois St
This backyard has cocktails, views of the Bay, bocce ball, and fire pits. Just know that it’s only open Monday to Friday, and until 7pm.

Presidio Social Club

The Presidio
50 Moraga Ave
Get down with delicious margaritas in this wind-sheltered courtyard that has a fire pit and heaters.
Presidio Social Club
The Presidio
563 Ruger St
Is there anything better than a back deck? Only a back deck that’s heated, looks onto nature (nature!), and is a place where you can sip on delicious cocktails. Still chilly (wimp)? Order one of their hot cocktails, specifically the PSC House Coffee -- a secret blend of liquors, coffee, and freshly whipped cream.

Magic Flute Garden Ristorante
Presidio Heights
3673 Sacramento St
This walled, back garden patio area with heat lamps and umbrellas feels very grown-up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go there (because you can!).
Presidio Heights
3665 Sacramento St
Sociale’s garden is in the front of the restaurant, but still hidden from the street in the kind of way that makes you so happy when you see it for the first time. And, yes, there are heat lamps.

The 11th Hour...

B Star Bar
The Richmond
127 Clement St
The cozy back patio has heat lamps that warm it up even on the coldest of nights. But it’s only open on the weekends, so plan accordingly.

The Corner Store
The Richmond
5 Masonic Ave
This 40-seat enclosed patio area is covered with heat lamps, but you still might get an ice cream headache if you slurp down your boozy milkshake too fast.

Bar Agricole

Bar Agricole
355 11th St
Can a front patio be sexy? We’re saying yes, and it certainly helps that the heat lamps... well... heat things up.
Bluestem Brasserie
1 Yerba Buena Ln
The open-air mezzanine on the second floor has great views of Market St, a glass wall to block the wind, and much-needed heat lamps.
Jamber Wine Pub
858 Folsom St
Enjoy wine and beer (on tap only) and maybe (definitely) some poutine on the quaint, heated front patio.
Mars Bar & Restaurant
798 Brannan St
Can a dive bar have heat lamps? Apparently. This particular patio is pretty popular though, so show up early. Happy hour starts at 3pm, so maybe right then.
Primo Patio Cafe
214 Townsend St
The outdoor drinking scene is basically the only scene at this place, which misleadingly looks like a takeout-only joint. It’s a no frills situation, but the heat lamps keep ya toasty warm.
Town Hall
342 Howard St
You really can’t go wrong on the enclosed, heated patio. Perfect for lunch, happy hour, or a late dinner.
Trou Normand
140 New Montgomery St
This gorgeous heated outdoor patio is the perfect place to sip cocktails made with booze from hand-selected European barrels.
140 New Montgomery St
Though MoMo’s is fun any day of the week, the best time to go there is before or after a Giants’ game. Grab beers from the outdoor bar and stay warm thanks to the heat lamps.


620 Jones St
This is definitely the TL’s best rooftop, if not one of SF’s best rooftops. The ginormous mezzanine-level roof has great views and an abundance of heat lamps.

Sparrow Bar and Kitchen

Sparrow Bar and Kitchen
Upper Haight
1640 Haight St
This wood deck surrounded by trees is a great escape from the insanity of Haight St when you just want to chill out with a cold beer and some hot heat lamps.


Western Addition
311 Divisadero St
Ragazza’s state-of-the-art gazebo is some sort of fancy, scientific heat ray umbrella that can withstand winds up to 75mph... and rain... and basically it’s a magical place where you should probably go eat pizza and drink beer. Immediately.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she can be spotted on the Zazie patio most Monday nights with her St. Bernard puppy, who is probably too big to be there, but whatever, she doesn't care. Know of another great heated patio? Hit her up in the comments or on Twitter @daisy.