There's a secret, invite-only bar behind this bookcase, and we can get you in

Shhhh, is it just us here? Karen?! You get out of here, Karen!!

Okay, now that we're alone and there are no Karens, we wanted to tell you about a super-secret bar that unknowingly exists behind a bookshelf in the already-fantastic Cavalier. It's called Marianne's, and it's not open to the public. Just 1) friends, 2) family, 3) us, and 4) you, if you keep reading...


Named after the woman who had a torrid affair with Mick Jagger, this clandestine hideaway is the dream bar of a different, much cooler woman, who's responsible for CavalierPark Tavern, and Marlowe.

I expect you to die, Mr. Bond

So how do you get in? Through a friggin' keypad, passcode-required door at the loading dock, like you're about to go to a high-stakes poker game with Daniel Craig/load some very private docks.

Private Sexy Bar

Inside the regally appointed interior, you'll have both 1) your very own private bar and bartender, and 2) your very own bathroom, which is actually (for a bathroom) really freaking cool, with walls graffitied like an actual bathroom from an '80s punk-rock pub in London.


Now, about you getting in: we're gonna, for one night only, let you and 10 of your friends/people you wanna impress into Marianne's for a sweet-ass party. And since this party's gonna need music, tweet at us with a link to a playlist you made on Spotify (bonus points for awesome themes! Especially Top Gun ones!), and we'll pick a winner who'll get to check out this bar they'd otherwise never be able to drink at. Seriously, you get to host a party at a secret bar you'd otherwise have no access to. Get. On. It.