Food & Drink

Like a library, but with way more booze and a lot less not-fun

The interior at Novela

If you like being called Ishmael, or you think you happen to live in both the best of times and the worst of times, then you definitely need to check out Novela, a SOMA cocktail spot with a menu from the former Gitane bar manager and the star behind Maven's drinks, now open in a large, open space that draws inspiration from classic, American, non-Goosebumps literature.

Reading Rainbow at Novela

The library-like interior is flush with book-referencing decor (like a giant white whale) and walls lined with backlit, carefully arranged books that create a literal reading rainbow.

Hemingway Room at Novela

This is the private Hemingway Room that, fittingly, has its own bar and doesn't need a lot of words to convey greatness.

Sexy wallpaper at Novela

Oh wallpaper, you so naughty!

Punch at Novela

They have six different types of punch (on tap!!) which you can get by the pitcher, flight, or glass, including the Hemingway's Code Hero Punch.

Santiago at Novela

Speaking of Hemingway heroes, this is the Santiago, aka the Old Man from The Old Man and the Sea, he thought.

Atticus Finch at Novela

And here's the Atticus Finch, a blend of bourbon, Earl Grey honey, and balsamic bitters that you probably shouldn't feed to any mockingbirds. Or Dolphus Raymond.