SF's most awesome (and pretty) restaurateur games it up at S&R Lounge

The bar at S&R Lounge

Four facts we know for sure: 1) you love Park Tavern, 2) you love Marlowe, 3) you will love S&R Lounge in Hotel Zetta, and 4) rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. So what's so great about S&R Lounge? Well, food and drinks're all courtesy of the Park Tavern/Marlowe girls and're eatable/drinkable in the attached "Playroom", which's stocked with allll the awesome board games from your childhood (Battleship!!!!), a pool table, giant Jenga, Wii U, and a wall-sized soccer ball Plinko. Helping us show off all this awesome: SF's fantasticest restaurateur, Anna Weinberg, and her husband James Nicholas, who spent an afternoon with us eating, drinking, and going hilariously head-to-head in S&R's game room

Round 1: Pool

Anna Pool at S&R Lounge
James Pool at S&R Lounge

If this were an enthusiastic pose-off, James would be the winner. This was not an enthusiastic pose-off. Game 1 takeaway: Anna is "not competitive... so long as I win".
Winner: Anna

Drink Break 1:

404 at S&R Lounge

This drink break is brought to you by the smooth blend of reposado, brandy, Cocchi, and chocolate bitters -- a combination dubbed the 404, after the common error message your brain will share with your computer after too many of these.

Round 2: Giant Jenga (Jiant Jenga?)

Jenga 1 at S&R Lounge
Jenga 2 at S&R Lounge

James is off to a great start, having actually played Jenga before. Anna uses the tried-and-true two-handed technique until she's informed that that's, in fact, "cheating".
Winner: James

Drink Break 2:

The Valley at S&R Lounge

Meet The Valley, a combo of mezcal, pineapple, lime, and chile that's totally named after the Silicon one and not, like, that, like, other one.

Round 3: Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard at S&R Lounge

While incredibly enthusiastic about the "knocking each other's pucks off the table" part, neither James nor Anna managed to put any points on the board.

Drink Break 3:

Jesse Street at S&R Lounge

Off of the rather unique "Bottles + Cans" portion of the bar menu that actually consists of cocktails made with beer, this is the Jesse Street (the alley adjacent to the hotel). While it doesn't contain hobos, it does have a delicious mix of rum, Velvet Falernum, ginger, and lager.

Final Round: Soccer Ball Plinko

Anna and James Plinko at S&R Lounge
Plinko at S&R Lounge

Despite Anna having never seen The Price is Right [Editor's Note: Wha?!?] and calling Soccer Ball Plinko "sports for lazy people", she managed to grab an all important win here to clinch the title of S&R Lounge Champion that we made up just now.
Winner: Anna

Food Break:

Food at S&R Lounge

As previously mentioned, all the food is designed by Chef Jennifer Puccio of PT and Marlowe fame. It offers an updated spin on 1970s American party food, with the assortment here consisting of rice "Cracker Jacks", French onion dip with potato chips, a super-melty grilled cheese with truffle/mustard, and the incredible reverse martini (cocktail olives in a shot of dirty vodka).
Winner: Everyone