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This is the coldest beer you can get in California. It's served on a bed of snow.

Ice on bottom of glass of coldest beer in California at Manzanita
Michael Merlone

IN CASE YOU ALREADY FORGOT WHAT THAT HEADLINE SAID, THIS BEER IS SERVED ON A BED OF FREAKING SNOW. THERE'S LITERALLY ICE FROZEN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE GLASS. OH CRAP, JUST REALIZED THAT caps lock was on. Either way, though, you're probably wondering just where can you find the definitive coldest beer served in California...

Manzanita bar area
The Ritz-Carlton

Your answer: Manzanita in Lake Tahoe.

Manzanita chill rail that creates snow
Michael Merlone

Your beer'll be served on a $90K stainless steel powder-producer that -- sorta like your freezer -- pumps out water that immediately freezes, creating a thin layer of honest-to-God snow...

Writing Thrillist in chill rail at Manzanita bar
Michael Merlone

... that you can a) keep your beer in to ensure it stays blizzard-ass-cold the entire time you're drinking it, and b) pee in! write in! We drink a lot of beers and have a pretty good grasp on the hot/cold concept, so we're basically positive this is the coldest beer you can get in CA, but if you think you've got one that is actually colder (even though it's probably not) let's hear it...