Here’s a fun fact: If you combine the street and the blvd, Geary is the second-longest street in San Francisco, spanning 78 blocks (and 5.7 miles!), from Market St all the way to the ocean. And here’s an even funner fact: of those 78 blocks, something like 77 of them have bars on them, enough that it’s not super obvious which ones you should be drinking at.

Well, allow us to make it super obvious: here are the 27 best Geary bars, ranked.

Courtesy of Hawthorne

27. Hawthorn

The vibe: Ornate chandeliers and tufted leather seating areas make for ritzy, shi-shi elegance you usually don’t find in San Francisco. It’s the kind of place you might go after work to take advantage of a $5 cocktail happy hour, but end up staying for the DJs that turn this place into a crowded dance party. 
What it's good at: Bottle service…?... and $5 Old Fashioneds during certain happy hours.

26. Resolute

Lower Nob Hill
The vibe: Freshly open and a new go-to date spot to sip a pre-dinner wine and share cheese and charcuterie plates.
What it's good at: There are 120 hard-to-find wine bottles in stock that you can enjoy on-site or take home by the bottle or the case.

Pig & Whistle

25. The Pig and Whistle

Inner Richmond
The vibe: It's an authentic English pub with classic British pub fare to match, from fish & chips, to bangers & mash, to curries.
What it's good at: A full English breakfast or bangers & mash, washed down with a Boddingtons or a Guinness, poured the correct way.

24. Lefty O’Douls

Union Square
The vibe: Kitschy in a charming way and the perfect spot to take visitors after the requisite (and hunger-inducing) Union Square shopping. It’s the best value in tourist-central by far with whole meals for under $10. Pair a pastrami sandwich with one of the 31 beers on tap for a satisfying meal and a glimpse into mid-century San Francisco. One-of-a-kind baseball memorabilia adorn the walls celebrating the bar’s namesake who was both an SF-native and New York Giant.  
What it's good at: Hand-carved meats served cafeteria-style. The pastrami is particularly delicious.

198 Brasserie

23. 398 Brasserie

Union Square
The vibe: A chic, industrial corner restaurant and bar with huge windows in the new-ish Hotel G, serving Euro-American dishes (seared foie gras, beef cheek, duck leg confit, etc.). Brian Felley and Mo Hodges (of Benjamin Cooper located upstairs) are behind the drink menu, too, meaning that if their spot is too packed, you can still enjoy a creative cocktail while you people-watch the crap out of Geary. 
What it's good at: The Peter Rabbit cocktail ($12), featuring mezcal, yellow chartreuse, lemon juice, arugula, jalapeño, and salt

22. Redford

The vibe: A Marina bar, except it's in the Tenderloin, so far fewer button-ups. If the upstairs is open definitely make your way up there for a sweet leather couch in an alcove adorned with a 1943 American flag. If it's not (and most of the times it's not thanks to private parties), sitting at the bar is the move.
What it's good at: Whiskey flights ($10 for three served up on a paddleboard!)

21. Ireland’s 32

Inner Richmond
The vibe: A huge Irish bar with hearty, greasy pub grub and Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick’s on tap. Expect a classic Irish bar, only with a poppin’ and spacious dance floor. Win and win!
What it's good at: Live music five nights a week!

Flickr/Jennifer Yin

20. Ha-Ra Club

The vibe: An old-school Tenderloin dive featuring vintage photos and boxing memorabilia. The bar recently-ish got sold to the Ace’s guys who said they intend to keep its dive-bar status. Please don’t change, Ha-Ra! We love you! 
What it's good at: It's got $3.50 well drinks, and $10 gets you a shot of Bulleit and a Racer 5.

19. Amsterdam Café

The vibe: Low-key bar/café (with pour-over coffee!) and almost 400 beers to choose from. Bring your laptop (free Wi-Fi) to drink while you work or take in the Tenderloin show via sidewalk seating. 
What it's good at: Free Wi-Fi and 25 beers on tap

Redwood Room | Flickr/Ming-yen Hsu

18. Abbey Tavern

Inner Richmond 
The vibe: A solid spot for sports watching, beer nursing, and pool playing. UCSF college students flock to this bar on Thursday nights but the majority of the time it’s where Irish locals and sports fans watch whatever’s playing on the TVs (loaded with HBO boxing, UFC, and the NFL Sunday Ticket). Open mic night on Wednesdays draws local talent and the bartenders (hi, Jack and Danielle!) are fast and friendly. 
What it's good at: Ahhhhmazing Bloody Marys, featuring hand-pickled peppers (that also make good booze chasers, if you ask really nicely).  

17. Redwood Room

The vibe: The Clift’s hotel bar has had 100 years to perfect luxury -- which it, well, has, from the stunningly grand bar (made from a 2,000-year-old redwood) to the bottle service to the clientele that dresses for the occasion.
What it's good at: Classic cocktails and photos with eyes that literally follow you around the room

Amy Copperman/Thrillist

16. The European

Union Square
The vibe: A hotel bar that holds its own on a block that’s quickly becoming the epicenter of SF cocktailing.
What it's good at: Bartender-to-know Shirley Brooks’ The Smoke Without Fire. Smoky, yet refreshing, and super smooth.


15. Buckshot Bar

Inner Richmond
The vibe: Arcade games and a DJ spinning late ‘90s and early 2000s hits draw a rowdy college crowd, but on quieter weeknights, it’s the perfect place for skee-ball (Brewskee-ball!!!), shuffleboard, and darts tournaments.  
What it's good at: Deep-fried bacon with maple syrup and surprise dance parties

Grant Marek/Thrillist

14. Social Study

The vibe: This contributor’s favorite place to cure writer’s block/mooch off the free Wi-Fi and happy hour bites (like carnitas tacos, pulled pork sliders, potato skins, and a Reuben sandwich with wasabi aioli). It’s dynamic enough to transition to a nice date spot before a show at the nearby Fillmore, Kabuki, or Boom Boom Room. 
What it's good at: Happy hour bites and sangria

13. Geary Club

The vibe: As divey as it gets with no signage except for one that simply says “Bar,” and that pretty much sums it up. It’s a place for hard-drinking ‘loin locals who’ll likely give you a skeptical side eye if you’re not a regular. Still, it’s worth a trip if you want a true dive, perfect for dark-corner drinking. Bring cash and humility.
What it's good at: Cheap, simple drinks and a jukebox ($1 gets you five plays!).

Flickr/Nick Fisher

12. High Tide

The Tenderloin
The vibe: It's another Tenderloin dive, only a tad more dressed up than The Club (above), thanks to the velvet touches and funky art, like the painting of a topless woman hanging above the bar. 
What it's good at: Paintings of boobs, obviously

11. Trad’r Sam

The vibe: Tiki hut-meets-dive bar. While one of the original Tiki bars to open right after Prohibition, Trad’r Sam feels a bit more divey than Hawaiian these days, with patrons crowding into the bar to order off-menu beers and shots instead of the signature Scorpion Bowls. But that’s no reason to forgo the blended rum drinks.
What it's good at: Scorpion Bowls for $14 that will get four people a little toasty


10. Whiskey Thieves

The vibe: Don’t be fooled by the divey exterior, graffiti-covered walls, and punk rock coming from the jukebox -- this is potentially the fanciest dive bar on the planet thanks to its extensive whiskey selection (one of the best in the city). It’s the sort of place you’d be just as comfortable ordering a shot and a beer as you would tasting a rare whiskey on the recommendation of the bartenders.
What it's good at: Rare whiskeys and shot-and-a-beer deals

9. The Corner Store

Inner Richmond
The vibe: The address is technically on Masonic, but it’s Geary-adjacent, which gives us license to rave about The Corner Store’s chic soda fountain vibe, dog-friendly outdoor patio, solid menu of comfort food, and equally solid cocktail and beer menu. You know you’re gonna have a good Saturday when it starts with brunch here, which you can chase with mimosas or alcoholic milkshakes.
What it's good at: Boozy milkshakes (that pair well with their crazy-good burger), in particular the Manhattan (bourbon, sweet vermouth, cherry syrup, and vanilla ice cream)

The Blarney Stone

8. The Blarney Stone

Outer Richmond
The vibe: A go-to spot for a crowd thanks to its huge space and back patio. The drinks are cheap; the food is typical pub grub but does its greasy job. It gets poppin’ during game days but generally it’s a neighborhood standby, perfect for lazy Saturday afternoons. 
What it's good at: Fresh-squeezed Greyhounds and spicy Bloody Marys (best enjoyed on the patio)


7. Rx

The vibe: An apothecary-themed bar that’s less of a gimmick than it is an exploration into how alcohol was used “medicinally” during Prohibition (you know, like how your medical marijuana card is for your back pain). The result is a menu of drinks that purport to treat ailments such as pain, stress, and fatigue. While there’s some truth to each concoction (coffee liqueur, Cynar, and mezcal are known stimulants, while chili tincture -- found in the Rexall -- has been linked to stress reduction), we’re pretty sure the combination of a low-key vibe, flattering lighting, and a delicious libation is more likely to cure what ails you.
What it's good at: The Hot Dram -- basically a dressed-up hot toddy that would calm sore throats and warm you inside-out.

6. Boom Boom Room

The vibe: The oldest blues club west of the Mississippi delivering hip-moving live blues, boogie, and soul six nights a week. It feels at once sultry and down-home authentic, like a slice of New Orleans in the heart of the Fillmore. This kind of juke joint is so rare/non-existent in SF, it can get away with charging a cover most nights (and $15-$20 ain't cheap for a band you’ve likely never heard of), but it’s a guaranteed great time and the cheap drinks offset the cost a bit. 
What it's good at: Booking fresh talent and legendary artists in an intimate setting

Flickr/Kate Geraets

5. Tommy’s Joynt

The vibe: San Francisco’s original Hofbräu and one of the city’s longest-running institutions, this classic spot should be on everyone’s SF bucket list. Giant sandwiches are the star here, but the extensive beer menu, with selections from all over the world, make it a beer lover’s paradise, too. 
What it's good at: Inducing food comas thanks to massive sandwiches for under $7

4. Edinburgh Castle

The vibe: A night at Edinburgh could mean ANYTHING. It could mean playing a few rounds of trivia (Tuesday nights), followed by pool, or catching up with a friend on the U-shaped balcony that overlooks the whole bar. Or it could mean sharing a cigarette on the large enclosed smoking patio while a stranger plays the piano (whether he knows how or not). Or… it could mean dancing to Motown, hip-hop, glam, punk, and that one song you totally loooove (Friday and Saturdays) until you morph into the sweaty, beer-drenched version of yourself that you later have to ask your friend to remove from Facebook. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure sort of place that caters to many walks of life depending on the hour, and that earns it a spot on this list next to cocktail heavyweights.
What it's good at: The $5 PBR and whiskey shot deal from 5-11 pm, which inevitably leads to that photo we mentioned above.


3. Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

Outer Richmond
The vibe: With the world’s largest selection of tequilas (according to it) and an award-winning margarita, this family-run restaurant has been serving simple Mexican and Yucatan fare and dropping serious tequila knowledge in the Outer Richmond for 50 years. 
What it's good at: Tommy’s margarita, one of 14 cocktails you need to try IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY before you die.

Flickr/Frederic Poirot

2. Rye

The vibe: A bartender’s bar that treats everyone like they’re in the industry, this is the spot to take a date to or saddle up solo to the bar for probably the best cocktail you’ve ever had. 
What it's good at: Stocking rare bottles of whiskey and being a hub of cocktail creativity for the city’s bartenders

Grant Marek/Thrillist

1. Benjamin Cooper

Union Square
The vibe: It hasn’t been open that long, but Mo Hodges and Brian Felley’s Benjamin Cooper has our heart (and most of our weekly drink budget) thanks to its cool industrial design with romantic dark corners and a constantly evolving menu of cocktails delivered with flair from bartenders who seem to truly enjoy their work. The fact that it’s just a little hard to find adds to the charm.
What it's good at: An ever-changing list of cocktails and oysters ($2.50 each) to match

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Amy Copperman is a regular Thrillist contributor. Find her on Twitter, or way more likely, at Benjamin Cooper.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. Hawthorn Lounge 46 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94108

In the 1800s, this building could have been a drug store or a brothel. Now, the lounge—inspired by 1930s Hollywood—features draped ceilings and exposed brick wall, and offers craft cocktails fashioned by professional mixologists.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
2. The Pig and Whistle 2801 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

With across-the-pond favorites like fish and chips, bangers and mash, and Cornish pasties, this English tavern is San Francisco's premier pub for Anglo fare. Stop in for one of their international ales or to watch a game of footy.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
3. Resolute 678 Geary St, San Francisco , CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

Resolute offers eight flights of wine, 25 bottles by the glass, and a whopping 120 hard-to-find bottles you can open there, take home, or buy by the case. Artisan beer and cheese and charcuterie plates are also on the menu.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. Lefty O'Doul's 333 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Named after the San Fran born and bred baseball player, Lefty O'Doul's is a cafeteria-style bar and restaurant that's been around since 1958. The menu offers classic diner food such as turkey platters, pies, and sandwiches.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. 398 Brasserie 398 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (Union Square)

This Euro-American brasserie is a great spot to bring out-of-towners, with its soaring ceilings, iconic San Francisco quotes on the walls and Union Square location. Make sure someone gets an order of the duck gravy hash with crispy hash browns and arugula, it's the best.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. Redford 673 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

A huge, actually-classy-and-not-stabby spot in the Tenderloin that's got two separate bar areas, eats like pot pie and a build-your-own pastrami sandwich board for two, and drinks like their Whiskey Plank: four shots of the "Brown of the Month".

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. Ireland's 32 3920 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

An extensive whiskey selection, live music five nights a week, and a menu that offers black and white pudding grants Bay Area guests a taste of the Emerald Isle.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
8. Ha-Ra Club 875 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

A dive through and through, this mainstay has been hydrating the Tenderloin since 1947.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
9. Amsterdam Café 937 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

This casual, cash-only cafe and bar supplies over 25 taps and 350 bottles of ale, lager, cider and wine.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
10. Abbey Tavern 4100 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94118 (Inner Richmond)

Sometimes you just need a friendly joint where you can saddle up to the bar and drink alone like God intended. This is that place. And while you might come in by yourself, you’ll have several new friends by round two.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
11. Redwood Room 495 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (Union Square)

Located in the swanky Clift Hotel and opened in 1934, the Redwood Room is one of the oldest bars in the city. High ceilings, a stunning bar made from a 2,000-year-old Redwood, and an Art Deco feel give the space elements of elegance and glamour. The bar stays modern with a rotation of digital artwork and bottle service offerings that attract a club-going clientele.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
12. The European 490 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (Union Square)

From a Top Chef competitor and a drinksmith formerly behind the program at Beretta comes two glorious spots in one: Aveline (an amazing restaurant), and immediately next to it, The European (a complimentary bar). The cocktails are updated takes on Prohibition-era drinks designed to pair beautifully with a menu of shareable snacks and bar food, like smoked trout fritters and burrata that's served with pears and a balsamic reduction.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
13. Buckshot Bar & Gameroom 3848 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118 (Inner Richmond)

Buckshot is a bar/arcade, offering cheap drinks and games like Skee-Ball, darts, shuffleboard, and pool. Be sure to grab a seat at one of their picnic tables, and expect someone to do the worm in that open space in front of the bathrooms.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
14. Geary Club 768 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

This Tenderloin bar doesn't have a website, there aren't many photos online, and even the phone number can be hard to track down, but that's all part of what makes the neighborhood dive so legendary. There aren't fancy cocktails, just committed regulars slinging cheap drinks and telling stories about the good old days.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
15. High Tide 600 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

High Tide is a Geary dive that's got a jukebox, pool table, and recommended low-cost liquor drinks.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
16. Trad'r Sam's 6150 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

If the full on tiki decor or old school sign (since 1937!) don't get you, the many, heavily spiked "bowls" will. Oh yes, Trad'r Sam's has multiple beverages in bowl form. Go for the scorpion bowl. You will regret it and you will also thank us for suggesting it.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
17. Whiskey Thieves 839 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Aptly named, this relaxed, slightly grungy bar offers an array of whiskies. Bring change for the jukebox.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
18. The Corner Store 5 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118 (The Richmond)

The Corner Store is set in a completely renovated space that was once a soda shop and then a speakeasy. Now, it's a 20-seat, outdoor-patio-featuring restaurant dominated by a mix of wood and white tile. The menu mixes things up with both small and large plates, which include lamb shoulder pasta, roasted duck breast, and brioche dinner rolls.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
19. Blarney Stone Bar & Restaurant 5625 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

This neighborhood Irish bar offers standard pub fare, great Bloody Marys, and enough outdoor space for fans to watch a Niners game.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
20. Rx 701 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (The Tenderloin)

Rx is a Tenderloin drinkey with a menu inspired by the prohibition-era prescription form for medicinal alcohol. Because, yes, medicinal alcohol used to be a glorious, glorious thing. There are Stimulants, Stress Relievers, Painkillers, Mood Stabilizers, and of course, Classic Remedies. Get comfy in one of the dark booths or cozy couches... or grab a stool at the bar, where the bartender will happily recommend the perfect cocktail for whatever ails you (i.e. not yet having a perfect cocktail).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
21. Boom Boom Room 1601 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Located in the heart of The Fill, Boom Boom Rooms serves as the backbone of San Francisco's blues community. With music six nights a week, this low-light, sultry venue is as real as it gets.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
22. The Original Tommy's joynt 1101 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94109 (Western Addition)

The same families have owned Tommy's Joynt since it opened in 1947, which is why it's pretty much stayed exactly the same. And we mean that in the best way possible. The building is one of most eye-catching in the city and the interior is crowded with sports memorabilia and photographs. None of that is really what matters though. No, Tommy's Joynt is all about the meat. Really good, really affordable plates of delicious meat. You line up, grab a tray, place your order, and then find a spot at a communal table to gobble it all down. $9.75 will get you a platter of either roast beef, BBQ brisket, corned beef, pastrami, ham, or turkey, two sides, and a roll with butter. Doesn't get much better than that.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
23. Edinburgh Castle 950 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (The Tenderloin)

The Edinburgh Castle is far less pretentious that the title would make it seem -- cheap drinks, a fun trivia night, a young crowd, and cheap drinks (it's worth saying twice!) make this a great spot to relax and enjoy some cheap drinks (sorry)!

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
24. Tommy's Mexican Restaurant 5929 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121 (The Richmond)

This authentic Mexican spot has a killer list of only 100% agave tequilas (that represents the entire tequila industry), a staff who will teach you about the stuff, AND a delicious menu to boot. Since opening its doors in 1965, its margarita recipe has stayed the same, proving traditional isn't always a bad thing.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
25. Rye 688 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

This Tendernob spot is easy to pass, but once you’re inside you’ll be greeted by a thorough selection of whiskeys and a delicious array of cocktails. The bartenders here know a thing or two about their craft, and they’ll point you in the direction of some really unique pours. This is a bartender’s bar, where you’ll be sipping cocktails beside other off-duty professional boozehounds. Adorned with exposed brick and lots of sexy wood, this dark and mysterious spot is date-approved.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
26. Benjamin Cooper 398 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

This difficult-to-find boozery in the Tendernob's Hotel G is definitely worth finding -- mostly because of its weekly-changing cocktail menu and cheap oysters, all of which are served in a super industrial space with wall-to-wall-to-ceiling concrete and sleek metal bar stools.



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