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This bar has trophies filled with condoms and 'tails named after local celebs

Seating at Virgil's Sea Room

Named after the Roman poet, Virgil's Sea Room is a now-open Mission bar adjacent to El Rio that boasts a back lounge with a painting of a ship (sea room!), a trophy full of condoms, and cocktails from a former Nickies bartender.

Dan Mires
Photo: Jay Austin Graham Photography

All of the drinks are named after local celebs who're less-well-known, so we tapped actually hilarious local comedian Dan Mires to help us out with some probably very accurate background information on each.

Vicki Marlane at Virgil's Sea Room

Vicki Marlane (Hangar 1, St. Germain, fresh lemon, house simple)
According to Dan: "Vicki Marlane was San Francisco’s first female cab driver."
Internet Double-Check: "Uhhhhh..."

Dick Vivian at Virgil's Sea Room

Dick Vivian (Bombay Sapphire, Noilly Prat, Cynar)
According to Dan: "Dick Vivian is an SF-based standup comedian best known for his Richard jokes."
Internet Double-Check: "That's correct! Oh, wait. No. Yeah, definitely no."

Marian and Vivian Brown at Virgil's Sea Room

Marian and Vivian Brown (Monkey Shoulder Scotch, bitters, Chartreuse)
According to Dan: "Marian and Vivian Brown co-founded Rice-A-Roni, The San Francisco Treat… DING!"
Internet Double-Check: "This is becoming a trend."

Sugar Pie DeSanto at Virgil's Sea Room

Sugar Pie DeSanto (Bacardi, fresh lime, house simple, mint)
According to Dan: "Sugar Pie DeSanto was a famous mob boss based out of the Castro in the late 1930s. He was known for his short temper and short shorts. He was married to the famous singer/songwriter, 'Honey Bunch' DeSanto."
Internet Double-Check: "Whammy."

Frank Chu at Virgil's Sea Room

Frank Chu (Absolut vodka, house simple, fresh fruit smash)
According to Dan: "Frank Chu is what’s known as a San Francisco triple threat. He is a successful businessman, ladies’ man, and entrepreneur. Chu owns a nail salon, a laundromat, and a dim sum restaurant."
Internet Double-Check: "Or definitely not that."

Warren Hellman at Virgil's Sea Room

Warren Hellman (Evan Williams, fresh lemon, basil syrup, ginger beer)
According to Dan: "Warren Hellman was a congressman of some sort. To be honest… no one really knows what he did."
Internet Double-Check: "[sigh.]"

Napoleon "Nap" Urbana at Virgil's Sea Room

Napoleon "Nap" Urbina (Herradura, fresh grapefruit, agave, salt and sugar rim)
According to Dan: "Napoleon 'Nap' Urbina is a local Jazz legend. He plays both guitar and flute. Most known for his Afro, which he grew in order to appear taller. Napoleon stands at an embarrassing 4ft 2in tall."
Internet Double-Check: "Not so much."