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Presidio Social Club has a new punch on its menu THAT WE INVENTED

Because clearly the people there are geniuses, Presidio Social Club just added a new summer punch to its menu that WE INVENTED. Well, sort of invented -- it's actually just a Pink Panty Dropper (vodka, pink lemonade, Keystone beer), but still, they came to us, asked us to come up with a punch recipe, and we delivered with the greatest punch ever invented (/the only punch we actually know how to make).

Presidio Social Club

It's officially called The Thrillist Punch (and unofficially called the Let's Go Streaking), it's $11 a glass, they replaced the Keystone with Trumer (sorry, bros), and it's only available in September. Get. On. It.

Grant Marek is a Senior Editor at Thrillist, and his original punch suggestion (Jungle Juice w/ Everclear, tequila, vodka, gin & Kool-Aid) was sadly veto-ed. Help him expand his punch portfolio by shooting him a recipe on Twitter: @grant_marek.