Food & Drink

Chipotle throws a great party, a new A16, and a local girl we love

A delicious sandwich


This Saturday, that "Mexican" place you absolutely love but won't admit you do is hosting an absolutely free concert where you can grab also-free samples from the likes of 4505 Meats and Speakeasy (who did a special, just-for-this-event Cultivate Ale). Golden Gate Park: be there

Friday, June 7th

Indulge your inner (or outer) fat kid with a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme

Hit up Turtle Tower's new, larger digs for all the pho a king like you'd ever need

Saturday, June 8th

Thought that Civil War reenactments were a thing only people South of the Mason-Dixon did? Well, now's your chance to both watch one and feel awkwardly uncomfortable around any Confederate soldiers

Treat yourself to some pizza at the newest Rockridge-located A16, because that place is straight up delicious

Have a hankering for art? Or, more importantly, a hankering for free booze? Yeah, check out the Yerba Buena Art Walk

Monday, June 10th

Drink for a good cause at Fifth Floor's We're One with Boston event. No judgement but, if you don't, you're probably a terrible person.

Allison Webber

Local Girl We Love, and Where to Meet Her

This is Allison. Among many other things, she is a bartender at Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen, where you can find her most days of the week mixing up her specialty, which isn't a drink so much as a style: "BBS: brown, bitter, and stirred".

Why we love her: 1) On top of being the perfect storm of a friendly and pretty bartender, she's an amazing photographer, and 2) she did a sailboat race once and finished in the Top 10... in the world.

Best way to get her attention at the bar: "Make eye contact, smile, and say 'Hi', even if it's too loud for me to hear you from across the bar, your face will convey the sentiment... Also, having your money out and knowing what you want can't hurt."