Food & Drink

A bar-gaming paradise with 100 beers, potato chip nachos, and pinup girls

Golden Gate Tap Room

If you thought that there could never possibly be anything cool/worth visiting near Union Square, you've clearly never been to an Undie Party or, hello, Cheesecake Factory!!! Adding yet another slammer to the pog case that is Union Square: Golden Gate Tap Room.

Skee-ball at GGTR

There is seriously an arcade's worth of games scattered around the place, including a token slot machine, billiards, these skee-ball machines, and Simpsons pinball -- the coolest game by a somewhat large Marge-in.

Motorcycle at GGTR

And they've got some great stuff that had been in storage (upstairs is a museum dedicated to the Golden Gate), including this awesome vintage cycle complete with a vaguely creepy face!!... :(

Shuffleboard at GGTR

Regulation-length shuffleboard tables? Regulation-length shuffleboard tables.

Wall at GGTR

That pretty much sums it up.

Pinup at GGTR

Repurposing the designer's collection of vintage matchbooks, they blew them up and created this awesome 1950s pinup art fabric to line the bar. Hey, eyes up and forward, mister!

Beers at GGTR

They have more than 100 beers. We repeat: they have more than 100 beers.

Pulled pork tacos at GGTR

They also have pub fare like potato chip nachos or these tacos with red onions, lime crema, and pulled pork, aka Season 6 Betty caught between Don and Francis.

Ribs at GGTR

You should probably order a couple of the smoked rib tips that have been "dry-rubbed and long-smoked 'til tender". No comment.

Wings at GGTR

Plus, they have wings that can come in four different styles, from traditional Buffalo to naked, which you'd probably be way more familiar with if you clicked through on that Undie thing.