The greatest beer hall ever, and it's in the Tenderloin

The interior at Mikkeller Bar

The first US version of the Copenhagen original, Mikkeller Bar's an 80-seat Danish beer hall set in a 106yr-old brick building in the Tenderloin and collaborated on by the guy behind R. Kelly's favorite East Bay bar (The Trappist).

Lights at Mikkeller Bar

Along with walls painted by the same dude who does their beer labels and featuring awesome, sometimes naked (!) cartoon people (slanty face), they also imported these ubiquitous street lights from Denmark.

Taps at Mikkeller Bar

With 42 beers on tap (including four exclusive-to-this-location Mikkellers), rather than have individual handles, they have these nifty engraved pendants to help keep track of what's what.

Flux Capacitor at Mikkeller Bar

All of the beers are controlled by this super-crazy, super-rare (there are only five like it in the entire world) contraption amazingly dubbed the Flux Capacitor. It keeps every single beer at a specialized level of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and, we're assuming, stolen Nigerian plutonium/clock tower lightning bolts.

Beers at Mikkeller Bar

And kegs are stored in two different walk-in fridges so you can enjoy them at three different temperatures. Wait, what?

Sausage at Mikkeller Bar

The chef is from awesome DC cocktail bar Churchkey, and his meat-centric menu is, naturally, dedicated to "things that go well with beer", proving that our Vision Board totally worked.

Sausage Plate at Mikkeller Bar

How meat-centric, you ask? THIS meat-centric. Their sausage platter features homemade bierwurst and thick-cut grilled bacon, enough of which'll make you believe you can fly/touch the sky.