Food & Drink

Spend your weekend enjoying green beers, block parties, and free... socks?

A crowded street


  • Free bourbon at The Brixton alert! Free bourbon at The Brixton alert! Do it
  • The Old Mint is hosting something called Hooch, Harlots, & History with one gratis drink included. Wanna go?
  • Free food, free drinks, and free... socks? Check out BeGood's Spring launch party
  • Start St. Pat's at Taverna Aventine's block party, which'll have three bars, live music, food trucks, and green beer. Do it for the leprechauns
  • Continue celebrating St. Paddy's at Irish Bank, where they'll have traditional Irish music, Celtic rock, and lots of Irish beer. Tell them you're going to go... brah
  • And once you're finally done St. Patrick's partying, why not get a free cab ride home? Yep, free