The old Bad Albert's turns into a sports bar

If you name your bar after the kind of customers you'd prefer then Frequent Drinkers With Huge Disposable Incomes And Morally Casual Girlfriends is hard to beat, but if you're opening a sports bar then Tailgaters is right up there, since they're the kind of people you can count on to peruse the 10 flatscreens you've stuffed into the former Bad Albert's. Since its blues bar days, the Tail's space has been given a minor make over (a new concrete floor!) and been decked with selected sports memorabilia like this depiction of The Kid doing his thing. No, not napping. His other thing. Watching other people play sports can make you thirsty, so there's the usual selection of wells, and a solid list of drafts that'll make sure you have a Maritime, even if your team loses. You know what tailgaters like? Build-your-own style double burgers smothered in cooked onions and cheese (though morally casual girlfriends is right up there).