Cocktails and comfort food in Georgetown

Getting down to Brass Tacks means... taking Hwy 99 or 4th Ave S down to Marginal Way and trying to stay out of lanes that force you to get on the freeway until you get to Airport Way and find this highly-curated, hand-built drinking establishment from the dude behind next door's Ground Control. Unless, of course, you're speaking idiomatically.Right when you walk in the conspicuous bar makes it clear that BT's focus is making you lose focus via serious alcohol consumption.They make their own infused whiskey and date it, but not romantically.On their specialty cocktail list, you'll find the Catalina, which is either the tequila- & rosemary-infused agave drink right here, or where Seth Cohen stopped on his way to Tahiti after Ryan moved back to Chico to raise some other dude's baby. The game room's got foosball and shuffleboard. Or you can nod your head to the Cornish-trained Brass Tacks Trio that gets down here regularly.Need to feed the alien growing in your stomach? Don't fret, because the kitchen is helmed by the dude who ran Urban Enoteca's late restaurant. Rapini tastes much better when there's a duck egg sitting on top of it. If you'd rather go whole hog on foodstuffs, you're in luck 'cause porchetta is basically thick slices of whole hog minus the less wholesome parts.The eats are prepped in an open kitchen decked with fresh ingredients like a tree growing lemons you can adopt/turn into custom cocktails if you get down to Brass Tacks and get down to brass tacks, aka give 'em $300.