English-style brews in the original Rainier Brewery

Naming your enterprise after its location is a good idea, unless its in Everett, or around Everett, or even kind of sounds a little like Everett. The guys behind Machine House Brewery (not located in Everett!) took it a step further by naming their suds company after a specific portion of an industrial space in Georgetown that housed Rainier way back in the day, which they're now using to turn out session ales in the traditional English-style... so, presumably, there's going to be a lot of tweed. The tasting room space is so old that Detlef Schrempf can't even remember when it was part of Rainier's pre-prohibition production facility. But don't worry, everything else (like that hand-built bar) is brand new.This includes the beer -- English-style ales crafted on site in these things by a guy who learned his trade in the Norfolk that's definitely not in Virginia. What makes these beers different is that a secondary fermentation happens in the barrels/kegs, which are stored in a cold room, like the one anyone making Norfolk jokes invariably has to face.MH makes session beers, which means they're particularly drinkable with very moderate levels of alcohol and bitterness, though the brewers will probably feel some of the latter if you try to order an IPA.The suds'll eventually go out to bars/restaurants in traditional kegs, but in the taproom they're poured using hand-powered casks, which, despite the lack of tweed, is what they were tailored for.