An overtly old school boozer on Cap Hill

If you're at Sam's drinking establishment you'd probably expect Kirstie Alley to conveniently show up right after Sam gets jilted by Diane, but this Sam's Tavern is a tribute to an entirely different old bar -- the not-at-all fictional dive that became the original Red Robin -- and gets its old-timey roadhouse feel from an owner whose family started those colorfully descriptive bird-themed burger joints

The bi-level boozer's throwback touches include vintage video games, and busts of some of Canada's favorite animals: Alanis Morissette and The Barenaked Ladies!!! Just kidding, it's things like deer and this moose

You're looking at a Fire Manhattan that uses Fireball cinnamon whiskey and this garnish to make it even hotter than that Phoebe Cates Ridgemont High scene you're definitely not Googling right now because you're at work and that'd be inappropriate.

The menu means burgers (the brie/cream cheese/sauteed onion-stuffed Juicy Lucy), and other old favorites like this chili dog wrapped in curly fries, or any scene where a boozed up Kirstie tries to sleep with Sam.