Food & Drink

West Seattle resto caters to fans of small plates

Great duos often fight crime (Batman & Robin), make memorable music (Hall & Oats) or make instantly regrettable sequels (the guy who isn't Keanu & Ted), but they very rarely open a restaurant in the same space where they were already running a sweet catering company. Until now

Located in what used to be Avalon, the L-shaped Duos Lounge does indeed have a lounge area, but you'll have to take our word for it, 'cause this picture is of the handsome, candlelit dining room

There's also a natural wood-topped bar from behind which they're serving tons of Shirley Temples with maraschino cherries and grenadine and, oh man, what a joy! drinks filled with booze.

Evidence of drinks filled with booze: this gin/PAMA/grapefruit Looney Leroy that, if you look closely you... um, probably still won't see, is topped with a float of RPM IPA

Eats-wise, Duos does small plates that include finger foods like the grass-fed beef sliders w/ bacon & onion jam pictured above, or a Lumpia Stack w/ a tangy sauce that'll make you want to soulja through stacks on stacks on stacks of these pork rolls

There's also Italian-style dishes like speck ragu tagliatelle, which can be consumed using utensils if you're a Lady, or just slurped if you're the other half of that great duo: The Tramp