The Central District gets an Ethiopian sports bar/coffee shop

If you've always wondered what an Ethiopian sports bar would look like, you seem to be curious in very specific ways, but you'll also be pleased to hit up the CD's Wonder Sports Bar, which is pretty much like every other sports bar that's also a coffee shop, and an Ethiopian restaurant, and a karaoke bar. The lofted space boasts a stage for live music/karaoke, a mess of flatscreens, and the hood of a car that, because they're using it as a giant cooler on game days, is pretty bitchin', even if it isn't a Camaro. It's always the right time for a burger, or other bar eats, especially with a beer chilled in a Firebird. Unless that burger just broke up with you on a Post-it, in which case you should try something else, like the garlic-marinated beef Zilzil Tibs from the Ethiopian menu. Or their sampler of a half dozen colorful dishes that're served on a bed of spongy, sour flatbread, and made with something you'll have a hard time finding in most sports bars: vegetables.