A Ballard boozer from the Po Dogs crew

Anchor's Down Ballard interior

If it's not in the right location, opening a nautical-/pirate-themed bar can seem pretty... sorryboutthis... arrrrrrr-bitrary, but if it's in a 'hood with a working waterfront, like Ballard, and helmed by the lady behind Po Dogs, Auto Battery, Grim's, etc., then Anchors Down is the logical place for drinks to go bottoms-up.Besides a slew of salvaged nautical maps/equipment, AD uses almost all reclaimed materials to make this the place to wet your whistle. Said whistle-wetting is accomplished via some signature cocktails like this sweet/tart Sailor Mule, which is made with Rachel's Ginger Beer but gets its kick from Sailor Jerry spiced rum.In addition to being what Roman emperors started calling Nero for weighing down their reputation, the Anchor Caesar is basically a Clamato Bloody Mary thickened w/ Peruvian and chipotle peppers.The Deckhand is made w/ Scotch, egg whites, and what the French call... um, nobody on Seattle's baseball team: Grand Marnier.Food-wise, they've got premium tubed meat from next-door Po Dogs, but don't worry -- if you eat too many, they've got just the right location for you.

Anchor's Down Ballard interior detail
Anchor's Down Ballard Sailor Mule cocktail
Anchor's Down Ballard Anchor Caesar
Anchor's Down Ballard Deckhand Cocktail
Anchor's Down Ballard interior detail 2