The Walrus and the Carpenter's shiny next-door boozer

Barnacle Mussels

Opened by the lady behind The Whale Wins and next-door's The Walrus and the Carpenter, this petite (less than 800sqft), copper-bar'd boozer is pouring simple, unfussy cocktails, and, predictably for a place helm'd by Renee Erickson, is focused on serving sweet seafood-based eats, and is named after a mutant supervillain from Marvel Comics' The Acolytes who somehow almost killed one of the X-Men with his power to create an impenetrable shell sea creature.

Barnacle Interior

Barnacle's dominated by the above-mentioned 13ft copper bar, which boasts seats for 13 (the whole place only fits about twice that), and a highly curated collection of wines, digestifs, aperitifs, liqueurs, etc.

Barnacle Lays Old Fashioned

They're turning those distillates into a small range of simple -- and ultimately old-fashioned -- sip-ables like... waitforit!... an Old-Fashioned, which they'll also generously pair with gratis Lays potato chips.

Barnacle Pork Leg

Aside from the chips, there're about eight small plates that, because they don't have a full kitchen, are what The Rock did to Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIX: served stone-cold. Case in point, this Fermin pork leg is sliced right on the bar.

Barnacle Mussels

The mussels come on bite-sized bits of Filore bread, atop a vivid green cilantro escabeche sauce.

Baracle Tonnato

This pork tongue tonnato is so good you'll want to... waitforit!... slip it some tongue.

Barnacle Liver Mousse

Additional deliciousness includes this liver mousse w/ plum compote & crackers, and good from the boss' original spot, the (surprise!) also-nautically-named Boat Street Cafe.