Joy to the world of cider, bourbon & spices

No longer referring just to the heavily spiked eggnog you've got to swill just to get through the holidays at your step uncle's house, seasonal cocktails at Bastille are cold-weather appropriate imbibables flavored with the kind of things -- apple cider, spices, bourbon -- that make you feel the way you're supposed to during the holidays: warm. How do you make the House of Bourbon Sour? Either by abandoning the already humiliating Estates-General of 1789 in favor of storming the Bastille with the rest of the Communes, or combining bourbon w/ spiced apple cider, egg white & some other stuff.The First Republic starts off not with mobs of Parisians starting the September Massacres, but with Cognac, sherry, allspice & a sweet white wine appellation with a name that actually details the amount of brandied eggnog you'd have to drown your sorrows in if you don't try one of these cocktails: Quarts de Chaume.