Sure, we’ve already given you 17 reasons why Seattle summers are the best (shhhh, don’t tell anyone!), but you know what’d make ‘em even better? A sweet place to eat/drink -- but mostly drink -- outside, obviously. That’s why we ranked the 206’s 17 best outdoor establishments just for you...


17. King’s Hardware

This heavily taxidermied dive is not afraid to be different, and with a collection of mismatched chairs and wood everything, this patio is a kind of eclectic outdoor heaven.

16. Uneeda Burger

You’re definitely gonna... sorry’boutthis!... needa loosen your belt after finishing a Philly Smash w/ charred peppers, onions, Gruyere & special sauce; or the Black Forest ham/Gruyere/Dijon mayo/truffled shoestring potato-topped Monsieur on the breezy patio of this Fremont burger joint.

95 Slide

15. 95 Slide

Capitol Hill
A hopping rooftop patio adorns this Capitol Hill sports bar, perfect for watching the clouds float overhead while chowing down on some classic chicken & waffles.

The Pink Door

14. The Pink Door

Hidden on Post Alley in Pike Place Market, this quaint Italian restaurant not only features live performances from artists (aka, burlesque dancers), but it also has an incredible patio view of Elliott Bay.

Courtesy of John Beck

13. Marination Ma Kai

West Seattle
With a magnificent view of the harbor and delectable, Hawaii-inspired Asian food, it would be easy to forget while sitting on this patio that you’re actually in Seattle... if you didn’t have the best view of city’s skyline of any restaurant in The Town.

The Walrus and the Carpenter

12. The Walrus and The Carpenter

A magnificent rusty, metal chandelier is the centerpiece at this cozy oyster bar, but the real hidden gem is the tiny patio -- perfect for a romantic evening outside.

Bottlehouse Seattle

11. Bottlehouse

Nothing goes better with a fine glass of wine or a cheese platter than the calming breeze of a Seattle summer. You can enjoy all three on this charming patio in Madrona.

Little Water Cantina

10. Little Water Cantina

Enjoy some chips, salsa, and guacamole on the spacious outdoor patio in Eastlake that's so sweet, even a few shots of tequila couldn’t make you forget how beautiful your surroundings are.

9. The Innkeeper

You’ll need to cool down on this Spanish-inspired patio in Belltown after eating the delicious, spicy cuisine cooked up in the kitchen. Get the Green Chile Cheeseburger, and be ready for a flavor explosion.

Linda’s Tavern

8. Linda’s Tavern

Capitol Hill
Kick back, relax, and grab your table (or just yourself) a pitcher of mimosas to enjoy on this divey Capitol Hill patio. When you’re done, head inside and play some classic arcade games.

The Lookout

7. The Lookout

Capitol Hill
The patio at this beloved by Capitol Hill locals' bar is a garden oasis, with trees and greenery creating a low-key experience that would almost make you forget you were in the city if it wasn't for the amazing view of the Space Needle.

Courtesy of Frolik

6. Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails

Set against the Downtown Seattle skyline, modern cuisine and cocktails bring a fun and lively atmosphere to the very social setting of Frolik, where you can sit by the fire, or play Ping-Pong, or... um, do neither of those things?


5. Westward

The large deck area of this North Lake Union eatery has a comfy fire pit and beach area, ideal for large groups to enjoy the waterfront view long into the evening.

Terra Plata

4. Terra Plata

Capitol Hill
This “Earth-to-plate” concept restaurant makes lounging outside a relaxing and green experience. When you're surrounded by an edible garden, Monday night paella is just that much sweeter on the patio -- especially with a flight of Spanish wine.

Captain Blacks

3. Captain Blacks

Capitol Hill
This Capitol Hill restaurant and bar has two large patios made for lounging about on a hot summer day while sipping on a killer Captain’s Tea.

Ray's Boathouse & Cafe

2. Ray's Boathouse & Cafe

Sunset Hill
Scenic views of the Puget Sound and the Olympics make this iconic Ballard restaurant the perfect place to eat some seriously next-level seafood or sip on over 20 microbrews.

Courtesy of Sparkfly Photography

1. Fremont Brewery

Since drinking beer is everyone's real favorite patio pastime, Fremont Brewing’s urban beer garden gets the top spot. The spacious beer oasis is perfect for sipping some sustainable, local brews and stocking up on complimentary pretzels and apples.

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1. King's Hardware 5225 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 (Ballard)

King's Hardware is decked out with taxidermy and stocked with regional brews, but the rustic pub's main attraction is its tasty and creative burger options, like the peanut butter and bacon-based After School Special. Aside from classic and specialty burgers, there are hot wings, onion rings, and similar greased-up "sidekicks" on the menu. You can bring your beer and burger outside and chill on the patio, or stay inside and challenge your friends to a round of skee-ball.

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2. Uneeda Burger 4302 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 (Fremont)

This Fremont burger joint serves up everything from the fancy to the messy, and if a burger doesn’t suit your fancy (why are you even here?), Uneeda Burger also has a hefty selection of sandwiches, soups, and salads. Equipped with a patio out front, you can chow down and tan at the same time.

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3. 95 Slide 722 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122 (Capitol Hill)

95 Slide's a Cap Hill sports bar boasting memorabilia/flatscreens, a sweet rooftop lounge, and a menu featuring bites like chicken wings, poppers, and steak sandwiches.

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4. The Pink Door 1919 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101 (Downtown)

This super-romantic Italian resto Downtown boasts a gorgeous patio, in addition to regular acrobatic & burlesque shows.

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5. Marination Ma Kai 1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 (West Seattle)

"Ma Kai" means "by the sea," and that's exactly where this waterfront establishment is located. Serving up tasty tacos made from fresh ingredients, this Hawaiian-Korean fusion restaurant is all about finding the best of both worlds and melting them together. There's also a killer beer selection, and you can purchase "Nunya", the secret sauce used by the restaurant on many of its dishes, receiving a free slider or taco with each jar purchase.

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6. The Walrus and the Carpenter 4743 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 (Ballard)

This chic oyster bar serves neither walrus nor houses carpenters (that we know of) but it does dish out mounds of delicious shellfish in a comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, this cozy, neighborhood spot -- which has been recognized by The New York Times also serves incredible desserts, with highlights being maple bread pudding and roasted Medjool dates.

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7. Bottlehouse 1416 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (Central District)

In a cozy, converted house in the Central District, Bottlehouse is a wine bar, tasting room, and event space featuring regional wine and microbrews. Wine and beer selections are rotating, highlighting producers from the PNW, and can be enjoyed on tap, in a tasting flight, by the bottle, or in the comfort of your own home. Cork a bottle of your favorite local wine, (pick up some wine-wares from the shop so you can drink it at home), and sip the local juice you never knew you loved. Bottlehouse offers a taste of the Pacific Northwest, with cheesemonger-approved cheeses and cured meats to pair in a living room-reminiscent environment, or on the back patio.

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8. Little Water Cantina 2865 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 (Eastlake)

A wall constructed with 800 tequila bottles reclaimed from "dumpsters of a lot of Mexican restaurants" isn't the only reason to check out this 150-seater. The kitchen is headed up by a French-trained chef whose resume includes Brooklyn's Henry Public &producing on Top Chef, and is sous'd by a Rick Bayless vet, and the two of them have invented some delicious Northwestern spins on traditional comida. Plus, that whole crazy tequila wall thing.

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9. The Innkeeper 2510 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (Belltown)

It's a Don Quixote themed bar with spicy Spanish inspired food and drink to match. After you've tried the green chile burger, grab yourself a cocktail and cool down on the back patio.

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10. Linda's Tavern 707 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 (Capitol Hill)

A classic pub in Seattle, Linda's prides itself on being "a nice place for nice people".

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11. The Lookout 757 Bellevue Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 (Capitol Hill)

The Lookout is a casual neighborhood bar with a tree-lined back patio that feels like a garden oasis with trees and greenery creating a low-key experience that would almost make you forget you were in the city -- if it weren't for that killer view. They offer a great selection of rotating beers, classic pub fare, and creative cocktails.

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12. Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails 1415 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 (Downtown)

Frolik's a rooftop bar downtown featuring tasty bites, a swanky setting, and PING PONG!

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13. Westward 2501 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103 (Wallingford)

Opened by the crew behind Skillet, Westward is a waterfront nautical spot with rustic decor. A wood-burning oven stands in the center of the room, the bar is boat-shaped, and the patio/beach boasts stunning views of Lake Union and Downtown. This spacious restaurant serves low-alcohol cocktails and small seafood plates that extend dinner beyond the usual starter, entrée, and dessert. Start with oysters at the adjoining Little Gull, finish with cocktails around the outdoor fire pit.

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14. Terra Plata 1501 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (Capitol Hill)

Terra Plata is the Captain Planet of organic eateries, highlighting choices from air, land, and sea. They've also got a rooftop garden.

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15. Captain Blacks 129 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 (Capitol Hill)

This bar and restaurant has not one but TWO large patios for you to lounge around on while enjoying a hot summer's day and sipping on a killer Captain's Tea.

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16. Ray's Boathouse 6049 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 (Ballard)

After a four-month hiatus, this waterfront seafoodery is back with a swanked new dining room bathed in red light, lower-slung furniture, and a new shared plate-heavy menu, and it's about time since everybody loves Raymon... er, Ray's.

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17. Fremont Brewing Company 3409 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 (Fremont)

With all these beers on tap, you’re going to need something to keep you going. Luckily, Fremont Brewing offers complimentary pretzels with their potent draughts.



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