Matt's in the Market's boozier neighbor

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As Ian and Max learned after messing with Anthony Michael for the entirety of Weird Science, it's not always a good idea to cross the Hall, but that hasn't stopped the guy behind Matt's in the Market from doing literally just that with Radiator Whiskey. The seriously sweet boozer specializes in barrel-aged cocktails, and down-home vittles so good they'll do something even showering with Kelly LeBrock apparently can't do: knock your socks off.The space doesn't overlook the water/market like Matt's, but it does have tremendous views of... um, someplace with tremendous views.RW's version of adult entertainment starts behind this bar, where they're updating classics, including a variety of Manhattans, all of which are part of their "Manhattan Project" and are, presumably... hereitcomes... the bomb.The massive barrel in the middle of the bar is only there to hide a selection of gravity-poured cocktails/aged spirits, and not to remind you what your mid-section will look like if you swill as much of said gravity-poured cocktails/aged spirits as you might like.The 1794 is named for that year's Whiskey Rebellion, and is traditionally made w/ equal parts rye, Campari & sweet vermouth, but this one's got twice as much whiskey.RW is also the one bar serving a house-branded whiskey made with moonshine from SoDo's 2bar.Members of RW's founders' club can hide a flask of that whiskey in their own book like this one, Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian, a "historical" novel about someone who'd ironically rather suck down blood than whiskey.Don't think all those ruined books mean there's nothing to read; there's this menu that, despite its placement next to a bald eagle, still has birds for you to prey on.Here's proof: a half smoked chicken w/ potato salad & shaved Spring veggies.If you want something even bigger, you should probably order the whole pig's head.Or consume your pork more modestly in this Fritos-sided stew made with the part of the pig that also made Kelly LeBrock famous: her cheeks.

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