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Cider-brined pork chops and boozetails from the Noble Fir crew

The Sixgill interior

When naming a bar after a shark, the obvious choice is the Great White, unless you're the husband-and-wife team behind Fremont boozer The Sixgill and decide to name it after a fish actually found in the Puget Sound, because you're more interested in jaws parting for sweet signature 'tails and homestyle eats. Like their other spot, Ballard's Noble Fir, the SG is heavy on polished wood and, because one of the owners used to work at REI, a shton of outdoorsy reading/reference materials.Unlike Fir, this place adds a full booze lineup to its sweet beer selection, including this Imperial 75 that, even if it didn't add sparkling wine to brandy, would still be way better than your Chrysler 75 Imperial, which only sold 8,830 models despite enhancements to its totally rad waterfall grille.Topped with pickled mushrooms & served in a pan sauce, this cider-brined piece of pig might be the best Pork Chop in Seattle since Floyd Womack. SG's seafood options include a plate of Manila clams or this Dungeness crab & shrimp Fisherman's Pie that will make you smile, you son of a...

The Sixgill interior library
The Sixgill interior cocktail Imperial 75
The Sixgill interior pork chop
The Sixgill interior Fisherman's Pie