Seattle's ultimate Bloody Mary?!

SPORTS ultimate bloody mary seattle

Every Sunday this football season, John Howie's SPORT has decided to let you build your own Bloody Mary by using up to 70 different ingredients designed for AM alcohol consumption. Now that sounds pretty sweet, but you're probably wondering if this massive ingredient menu includes things like wagyu beef sliders? Or tempura fried bacon? No... but the off-menu Ultimate Bloody Mary that Chef Howie created just for us/you does!

SPORT Hot Sauce

SPORT's spicing up its usual -- and already pretty sweet -- BM's with your choice of 32 different hot sauces.

SPORT Pickled Veg

You can also pop a shton of pickled things into that sucker.

SPORT Bloody Mary

The result will probably be a badass tomato-based cocktail that looks something like this...

SPORT Ultimate Bloody Mary

But we asked Chef Howie to come up with something even more badass, and he did! This off-menu monstrosity has a bacon-salt rim, some of the aforementioned pickled veggies, a pepperoni straw, tempura fried bacon, deep fried jalapeños, a wagyu beef slider, AND some fried mozzarella!

SPORT Ultimate Bloody Mary

Wait, there's more! We had 'em toss in some lemon & lime, a fresh celery spear, some pickled onions, and a deadly amount of Tabasco. The result is John Howie's Ultimate Bloody Mary, a drink which, at only $18, is just like the ghost it's named after: A killer (deal). Bam, nailed it!