The Best Spring Beers in Washington State

Silver City Brewing, Nice Day IPA
Courtesy of Silver City Brewing
Courtesy of Silver City Brewing

Finally, the dark, dreary days of cold temperatures and overcast Seattle skies are replaced with perfect patio-sitting, tank top-wearing weather. And in said tank top and on said patio, one would be remiss not to order a delicious, locally crafted, ice-cold beer. We've rounded up the 10 best spring beers around the state of Washington that'll knock your socks... er, flip-flops off.

IPA, 5.5%
Taproom in Bremerton, restaurant in Silverdale
This delightful beer, peppered with elements of citrus zest and lemongrass, debuted in March 2016. It’s easy on the tastebuds and totally drinkable. If you’re looking to load up the cooler for a spring picnic... choose this.

Zwickelbier, 5%
Taproom in Bremerton, restaurant in Silverdale
Silver City's interpretation of a Zwickelbier -- a young lager -- is a refreshingly sweet golden brew with just enough snap from the hops. With the finest pilsner malts and a dash of honey malt giving it its distinct flavor, this beer will inevitably become your spring go-to.

Fremont Brewing Company, 77 Fremont Select
Courtesy of Fremont Brewing Company/Sparkfly Photography

Spring session IPA, 4%
This hoppy delight is a perfect brew for anyone looking to try a classic session IPA -- or just a low-ABV, drinkable beer. This unique style of beer harkens back to WWI-era England, where workers were given “sessions” each day to drink on the job. Not a bad deal. Except for the whole war thing.

Pike Brewing Company, beer taps
Pike Brewing Company

Farmhouse-style ale, 6.2%
Saison Houblon translates from French into “season” and “hops.” And that’s exactly what this refreshing farmhouse ale is bringing to the table. The Belgian saison yeast and hops add notes of citrus and fruit for a perfectly light spring brew.

Pyramid Breweries, Hopfen Spring
Pyramid Breweries

Pale ale, 5.8%
This delightful pale ale is made with Noble hops, giving it a distinctive peppery, herbal aroma. The brew’s faint hoppy bitterness makes it a solid change of pace from heavier winter beers, for those looking to slowly transition into the spring styles.

Aslan Brewing Company, Blueprint Session IPA
Courtesy of Alsan Brewing Company

Session IPA, 4.2%
This 2015 Washington Beer Awards gold winner is filled to the brim with hoppy citrus and pine notes that makes it clear why it’s so praised by beer lovers. Even though it has a strong hops flavor, the brew isn’t overly bitter. Blueprint’s low ABV also makes it a great beer to sip on... and keep sipping on as the day progresses.

Black Raven Brewing Company, Wisdom Seeker Double IPA
Black Raven Brewing Company

Double IPA, 8.9%
If you’re into hops, this is definitely the brew for you. The distinctive double IPA flavors of citrus and herbal hops pack a massive punch to the senses. And with an ABV of 8.9%, it packs some other heavy punches, as well.

Elysian Brewing Company, Hawaiian Sunburn
Elysian Brewing Company

Pineapple habanero sour, 5.3%
Seattle (& other locations)
Aloha! Just a little heat, a little sweet, and a whole lot of flavor -- that’s what Hawaiian Sunburn gives in this refreshing and unique spring beer. The ale is brewed with habanero peppers and pineapple, creating an incredibly distinctive tropical flavor.  

Stoup Brewing, Equinox IPA
Courtesy of Stoup Brewing

IPA, 7.1%
This tasty IPA is brewed in celebration of the spring equinox, the 24 hours where day and night are almost the same length of time. The brew is bold and hoppy without overpowering the senses, but boasts a 7.1% ABV, meaning it could easily overpower you if you have a few too many.

Backwoods Brewing Company, Spring Creek Saison
Backwoods Brewing Company

Farmhouse-style ale, 4.7%
Another saison, this delicious brew is made from European yeast and peppercorns, and is light, fruity, and peppery. The ABV is a bit high for a traditional saison, but it’s still a damn tasty beer. And you will want a second.

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Cody Permenter is a freelance writer for Thrillist who thinks drinking beer should be part of research for everything he writes. Follow him on Twitter.