The Weekend Playbook: Free tickets to see Grimes, and a lady you'll love

Smith burger

Event of the Week Tonight, ABSOLUT X is transforming Paramount Theater into a masquerade ball with help from Seattle artist Bert Rodriguez, eccentric electro musician Grimes, and famed mixologist Keith Waldbauer of Liberty Bars. Check out the details, then, for a chance to win tickets, tweet the Disney princess you'd most like to take as your date @ThrillistSEA. Funniest tweets win

Saturday, June 29th Wanna "Do Something" sweet on Saturday night? Then check out local hip-hop crew Dyme Def, plus other local rappers like Fatal Lucciauno and Mega EvErs, at Seattle Center's Vera Project. You definitely want to click here for tickets
The Last Supper Club's kicking off Summer with a party that'll raise money for a good 'cause and lace you with specials on bottle service, dollar shots, and $2 beers.
Click here to hear about their charity and get deets on the event
Sunday, June 30th Serafina's celebrating their 22nd birthday with live music, a talent show, a whole spit-roasted pig, and an Iron Bartender competition featuring drink-slingers from
Vessel, Tavern Law, etc. Peep the full schedule of events at this free shindig, right here!
Monday, July 1st Semi-ironically celebrate Canada Day by consuming North-of-the-border faves like poutine, fried chicken & gravy, and a shton of Molson and Labatt Blue at
SMITH, where, for one night only, they'll also be slinging a Canadian-inspired concoction of bourbon, lemon juice & maple syrup called the Maple Leaf

King's Hardware is celebrating the good ol' US of A's birthday by screening a month-long series of arguably patriotic, but definitely violence-laden, Monday night movies. Sundown showings include The Patriot (US vs. British Overlords), Raiders of the Lost Ark (US Ingenuity vs. Nazis), and tonight's flick: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (US Moms vs. Canadian Morality)

Ongoing Just in time for the 4th of July, Two Beers Brewing’s released the seriously limited edition Presidential Pils, a slightly hoppy, Czech-style Pilsner wrapped in an appropriately red, white & blue can. Your chance to swill patriotically won't last, so get yours at Two Beers' tasting room before August

Did we miss anything? Aside from all this, what're YOU getting up to this weekend? Tell us in the comments below -- especially if it's hanging out with Amanda Bynes!

Chona Kasinger

A Local Girl We Love... And Where To Meet HerThis is Chona Kasinger, and when she's not shooting photos for Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, and a certain men's lifestyle site that rhymes with "illest", you can sometimes find her working at a place you should already be going to find sweet gear: Kirkland's Asher Goods.

Why We Love Her: 1) Did we mention she works for Thrillist? Well... sweet stories like this and this just prove it bears repeating, and 2) did you SEE her picture... and how adorkable she looks in that hat?

Things To Know If You Meet Her: 1) Her name is not "Shawna", 2) she's got a golden retriever, so you better like dogs, and 3) as you might expect given where she works, she "love(s) a man in a good boot".

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