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The Eastside gets its first brewpub

It doesn't take a degree from BCC to figure out how big a deal it is that BBC -- Bellevue Brewing Company -- has opened the suburb's first true brewpub, all thanks to the guy who started Leavenworth Biers, and a dude who used to do commercial real estate before tiring of the glamorous and sexy life that is buying large industrial warehouses. The cavernous space boasts seats for almost 300, and walls big enough to project Sounders and Seahawks games, and even movies like The Big Lebowski. Willapa Hills Creamery's been nice enough to stock BBC with dairy product like their Big Boy Blue Cheese, and a Two-Faced Blue you'll have to try hard to make a (Harvey) Dent in. After the apps, you'll likely want this Cubano Especiale with cider-braised pulled pork, ham, Swiss, and pickles. Or a flatbread pizza like this Meat & Cheese, which should actually be called the Meat (pepperoni) Meat (Canadian bacon) Meat (Italian sausage) Meat (apple-smoked bacon) & cheese, but you get the idea. White chocolate creme brûlée. And a raspberry. And maybe a mint leaf. Now on to the real reason to the hit the BBC: the yellow walls! the four signature brews, including this oatmeal stout, plus an IPA, and a Scotch ale. A frat's best nightmare. This is where -- if you didn't take high school chemistry -- the what-seems-like-magic happens. The used grains go to Willapa Hills Creamery, where they're made into... Twinkies! Just kidding, it's cheese, which'll then go on that aforementioned artisanal cheese plate. It's those kind of sustainable business practices, and presumably the sweet suds, that would make anyone proud to have this on their wall... especially if just their BCC diploma is up there now.