Duck into this sweet Cap Hill boozer

Sure duck hunting would be wayyy cooler if the zapper worked on that bastard laughing dog, but apparently it's already cool enough to inspire the names of not one, but two drinking establishments opened by the same Seattle-native: Cap Hill's Speckled & Drake, and one called Duck Duck that you've likely never been to since -- like the dog on the two-dimensional 8-bit NES game -- it's in Flatbush.

The dude behind S&D has fitted the former Living Room space with a shton of reclaimed wood and sweet second-hand stuff that looks like it came from your parents' sweet and sexy basement

The shelves behind the bar are stocked with tiny mutant ducks who've developed the ability to use firearms. Well, that and enough alcohol to make you think that's a real thing

Your date will definitely want to take things upstairs... to this sweet loft space

But you should probably take her to dinner first, since all S&D is serving outside of some Rain Shadow Meats sausages are these pups.

'Round here they specialize in beer/shot combos like the Olyimpa/ Beam Fisherman's Friend, and the Rainier/ whiskey... um, 'Round Here

The cocktail list features classics like a Dark 'N' Stormy that's made with Rachel's Ginger Beer, which is just around the corner.

After a long evening, you may need this neon sign above the door to remember where you are. But if it falls, you'd better remember to..

Do we really need to spell it out for you