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The Best Craft Coffee Shops in Toronto

Published On 03/03/2016 Published On 03/03/2016
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Neo Coffee Bar

Old Town

If you're obsessed with St. Lawrence Market, then you'll likely develop a clingy relationship with Neo Coffee Bar. The brainchild of Bruce Ly and Masashi Nakagome pours a standard list of lattes and Americanos, but the house-made pastries redefine 'decadent.' Matcha white chocolate cookies were made for craft blends, and there's an assortment of Japanese-style rolls stuffed with organic red beans, black tea, raspberries, and 64% dark chocolate truffles.



Odin is a søsken to Bathurst's Thor Espresso Bar, and its roasts are as striking as the Nordic influence. The space -- which is located on the ground floor of a condo -- was designed by the local studio Phaedrus; the Baltic birch bar, mural by Toronto artist Tara Niewiadomski, and modern, angular interior add a sense of comfort to the Pilot roasts, baked goods, and local microbrews. The cortados and braised beef empanadas are worth the trip.

The Common


The new-ish locale at Bloor and Brunswick sticks by The Common's standards -- great roasts, a friendly environment, and reinvigorating Harmony Organic milk drinks. Like the other locations, it operates without a menu or a price list, initiating conversations with knowledgeable baristas who know a thing or two about using Rufino and Mountain View beans to craft the perfect pick-me-up.

Creeds Coffee Bar

Creeds Coffee Bar


Creeds is primarily known for being a beloved dry cleaning business that's been around for more than 30 years, so why not open a cafe? All the drinks are made with beans from Pilot, local roasters. There's bottles of Greenhouse Juice Co. if you prefer your buzz from leafy plants and lots of ample space for vegging out with a book or meeting up with a friend.

Boxcar Social


This coffee and wine bar takes pride in serving one drip brew at a time -- it's an efficient tactic for emphasizing Boxcar's refined taste. Recent roasts include an Ethiopia Duromina from Lofted and George Howell's Kenyan Karatu AA roast, with notes of blackberries, grapefruit, and black currants. Pick a window seat and take in views of the river.

Louie Craft Coffee

Louie Craft Coffee

Liberty Village

Louie Craft Coffee has become a regular for the regulars in Liberty Village, and it's because there is a lot to love. The coffee bar, decked in globe lights and a black-and-yellow scheme, serves a house blend -- courtesy of Richmond Hill’s Social Coffee Co. -- that's a mix of Brazilian, Mexican, and Burundian notes. The best part: baristas use a dream machine like the Strada La Marzocco to make espresso.

The Coffee Lab

Bloor West

The Coffee Lab is inside the Annex's Willow Books, but don't be fooled by its size. The 52sqft coffee bar is an experimental outpost from Joshua Campos (ex-Sense Appeal, Rufino Espresso) that uses beakers, test tubes, and Erlenmeyer flasks to craft standards that bubble with flavour.


Quantum Coffee

Fashion District

Quantum Coffee inhabits a building with a lot of history, but its primary focus is leaving a footnote on Toronto's craft coffee scene. The King Street West spot solely uses a curated selection of single-origin beans, which pairs deliciously with snacks from Leah's Bakery and Baker & Scone. If you want a low-key show with your coffee, the tops of the creme brulee cappuccinos are caramelized with a blowtorch. Fun fact: the pour-overs are made by Canada's first-ever automated Pour Steady machine.

Mercury Espresso Bar


Mercury Espresso Bar is a cherished Leslieville treasure, and it's because of the staff's immense coffee IQ and how the macchiatos, flat whites, and overall selection of speciality drinks pairs with a homey atmosphere. If you're feeling adventurous, let the barista recommend an espresso or an entirely new creation from the touted slow bar.

Reunion Island Coffee

Reunion Island Coffee


Despite being around for two decades, Reunion Island recently opened its first flagship shop in 2015, which has quickly become a hotspot in Roncesvalles for French roasts, pour-overs, and summer-ready cold brews. It also has its own line of Benchmark teas, including organic chai, lemon oolong, and organic vanilla rooibos.

Sam James Coffee Bar


Sam James has always kept it simple and because of that, there isn't a reason for the indie coffee shop to change. As any SJCB diehard will tell you, it's all about the classic drip coffee from the cafe's own brand Cut Coffee. Trust us: the hospitality at all of the locations can convince anyone to take home a one-pound bag of CC espresso blend.

Tokyo Smoke Found

Tokyo Smoke


Tokyo Smoke looks like an Urban Outfitters transplant -- it's practically a remodeled shipping container -- but the coffee trumps trendiness. The espressos and drip beverages are made with custom coffee beans from North Toronto's de Mello Palheta, and the Vietnamese and Canadian drinks are sweetened with condensed milk or maple syrup. There's also loose leaf teas from Pluck, seasonal picks from its own fashion house, and a collection of international candy.

Sumach Espresso


Sumach Espresso is the new kid on the block in Corktown, thanks to owner Mike Cullen. The spot used to be a shady convenience store called New Regent Variety and now it's a family-friendly coffee haven that uses Classic Coffee's Rufino beans for espressos, mochas, and cappuccinos. There's also tea from the Metropolitan Tea Company and in-house brownies that are said to be inspired by Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery.

Tucana Coffee

Little Portugal

A small storefront plastered in flower-punk decor, Tucana Coffee is dedicated to being what it’s supposed to be: a coffee shop. Helmed by Tenille Clarke, it uses quality beans from Pilot and sells baked treats, ranging from vegan cookies and muffins from Bunner's Bakeshop to full-fat pastries from the Parkdale bakery, Flagship.

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1. NEO COFFEE BAR 161 Frederick Street, Unit 100, Toronto, M5A 4P3

It's hard not to get attached to the Neo Coffee Bar. With a wide variety of coffees, lattes, and pastries to choose from, you'll want to start every morning here. In addition to their typical coffee shop menu, there are some Japanese-style treats also available.

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2. Creeds Coffee Bar 390 Dupont St, Toronto, M5R 1V9

Though this place used to be a dry cleaning business, it is now a pretty solid coffee shop. All of their coffees are made from locally sourced coffee beans, and they have plenty of green juices for non-coffee drinkers.

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3. Boxcar Social 1208 Yonge St., Toronto, M4T 1W1

This coffee and wine bar specialized in catering to those with refined tastes. Their atmosphere is inviting, their staff is both friendly and knowledgeable, and they serve up two of the world's favorite drinks; wine and coffee.

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4. Louie Craft Coffee 1187 King St W, Toronto,

Not only is Louie Craft Coffee one of the best coffee shops in Liberty Village, but we would go so far as to say that it is also one of the best in Toronto. Their inviting and modern atmosphere combined with their delicious craft coffee options explain why Louie's is a local hot spot.

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5. The Coffee Lab 333 Bloor St W, Toronto, M5S1W7

This may be one of Toronto's smallest coffee shops, but they work hard to bring you some of the best craft coffees in town. Stop here once and you'll be finding ways to stop here daily for your coffee needs.

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6. ODIN 514 King St E, Toronto, M5A 1M1

This is one of the coolest looking coffee shops in Toronto, but there is more to this place than their trendy interior. Here you'll find Pilot roasts, bakes goods, local microbrews, and even some empanadas!

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7. The Common 1028 Bloor St West, Toronto,

There is nothing common about The Common coffee shop. They have friendly and knowledgeable baristas and unique coffee drinks, but you may have to ask someone what they recommend. The Common doesn't have a menu or a price list in their shop.

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8. Quantum Coffee 460 King Street West, Toronto, M5V 1L7

Quantum Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in the Fashion District, both for its fashionable interior and its delicious craft coffees. Located near two great bakeries, their coffees are sure to brighten up anyone's morning when paired with some sweet treats.

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9. Mercury Espresso Bar 915 Queen Street East, Toronto, M4M 1J4

Mercury Espresso Bar takes their bean brewing seriously. Each cup is handcrafted and served to drip or frothy perfection. This neighborhood coffee shop prides itself on serving quality caffeine from all around the world, with baristas that are the van Goghs of bean slinging.

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10. Reunion Island Coffee 385 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, M6R 2N1

Reunion Island Coffee is relatively new on the Toronto coffee scene, but is now a local hot spot for French-roasts, pour-overs, and delicious cold-brews. If you aren't a coffee person, be sure to try one of their teas, like organic chai, organic vanilla rooibos, and lemon oolong.

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11. Sam James 297 Harbord St, Toronto, M6G 1G7

A popular java joint in Toronto's Bickford Park neighborhood, Sam James Coffee Bar has been abuzz with claims (from patrons) that they make the best cappuccino, nay, the best coffee in the city. Chances are your skepticism will be wiped out by that first sweet, sweet sip.

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12. Tokyo Smoke 850B Adelaide St, Toronto,

There is no trendier coffee shop in Toronto than Tokyo Smoke. It's essentially like walking into an Urban Outfitters that sells coffee instead of clothes. Here you'll find different types of coffees, teas, seasonal drinks and international candies to enjoy.

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13. Sumach Espresso 118 Sumach Street, Toronto, M5A-3J9

Sumach Espresso is one of the newest additions to the Corktown coffee scene, and it is proving to be one of the best. This family-friendly coffee shop serves up classic coffees and teas, but locals love have a special place in the hearts for the in-house brownies.

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14. Tucana Coffee 1413 Dundas St. W, Toronto,

There are plenty of reasons to journey into Little Portugal, and Tucana Coffee is certainly one of them. Here you'll find delicious coffee drinks, vegan baked goods, and pastries from the Parkdale Bakery, Flagship.