The year in party people

Turn on any news show, and it becomes clear pretty quickly that DC knows how to rage. But who did their thing the hardest this year? Check out what some of our food and drinks experts had to say.

Horus Alvarez, Bar Manager at Vinoteca"The Obama staffers? If they didn't, they should have.

Erik Bruner-Yang, Owner/Chef at Toki Underground "Spike Mendelsohn

Svetlana Legetic, Coach Taylor at Brightest Young Things"Action Bronson had a pretty good party year. Also-all of DC during White House Correspondents weekend. That's our SXSW/Art Basel.

Michael Harr, Executive Chef at Food, Wine & Co."Certainly not me... The last party I was at, I think my sous chef was trying to wrestle me... not sure he will be doing that again.

Rob Yealu, Chief Mixologist at The Federalist"This past year there were some Lebanese girls who visited my bar at the Federalist a few times. Between their stories and the pictures of their last trip home I’m definitely going to make my next international trip there. Huge open-air bars, great music, widely diverse, and attractive people. From their stories, some clubs there are open 24 hours day (which could be just as awesome as it is scary). Plus there are beautiful beaches, and you can’t beat drinking on a beach surrounded by scores of lovely ladies in bikinis!

Victor Albisu, Owner/ Chef at Taco Bamba"Supporters for Marriage Equality, as well as politicians and lobbyists, in general. Democrats celebrating and Republicans drowning their sorrows.

Nahem Simon, Beer Director for Jack Rose Dining Saloon"Bonnie Rash.

Jonathan Fain, Bar Manager at Bar Pilar"Has the party stopped?"