Tobacco, nori, and smoke are a few of the ingredients you'll find in these cocktails

bar charley's dc

With a name like Bar Charley's, you'd expect a menu to be filled with milk steaks, but, instead, the Dupont/ADMO spot from the El Chucho Cocina Superior crew is rocking an insanely eclectic mix of cocktails ranging from Orange Crushes to duck-fat-washed St. Germain drinks.

Bar Charley Stepdad

There are actually five steps to this Stepdad, starting with the torching of a cedar plank.

Bar Charley Cedar

Step #2 of the Stepdad is trapping the smoke coming off the plank. They do this for you, as it's a super-dangerous job, okay?

Bar Charley Step2

Round three with your Stepdad luckily doesn't involve your allowance. Instead, it's when they mix tobacco bittters, black iced tea, and Kelt VSOP in a tiny pitcher.

Bar Charley Icecube

Last, you'll want to flip your Stepdad smoke glass, drop in the cube, and pour the contents over the ice.

Bar Charley Cedar3

The owner calls it the Stepdad because it smells of tobacco and booze. Sounds like he may have had a rough childhood.

Bar Charley Old Fashioned

Making fun of the horrible direction the Old Fashioned went in the '80s, this '80s Old Fashioned has housemade carbonated orange syrup, bourbon, and a big ole cherry ice cube.

Bar Charley Quack

Two types of bitters, three types of liquor (bourbon/rye/rum), and one duck-fat-washed St. Germain all make up the Quack-Quack-erac.

Bar Charley Orange

There're no Seacrets about this classicOrange Crush that uses fresh-squeezed-daily orange juice and is served in a keg cup.

Bar Charley Nori

Like sushi in a glass, but with booze, the Jiro Dreams of Sidebar is a combo of housemade wasabi syrup, ginger, Shochu, and rice wine vinegar that's garnished w/ nori.

Bar Charley Tiki

There're also two tiki drinks on tap, like the Suffering Bastard w/ bourbon, gin, ginger, lime, Angostura bitters, soda, and mint that should be enjoyed on the patio soon, as it may not always be sunny out there for long.