Drinking Chevy-themed cocktails with Ricky Bobby

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Main

Robert Wiedmaier's Mussel Bar in Arlington is all about partying, America, fast drinks, and being #1. Which is why -- fellow American -- we had to call up Ricky Bobby*, and have him get all jacked up on their list of Chevy-themed cocktails, each of which should give you enough liquid courage to ensure you leave with a real, live cougar.*NOTE: not the real Ricky Bobby, who is also, confusingly enough, a fake person.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Kenny

Adam Jarvis, on the right obviously, is the bar manager that came up with the car-themed drinks, because the building used to be a Bob Peck Chevrolet Dealership. Adam means more business than Kenny Rogers.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Camino

This is the El Camino, and if you don't like drinks with tequila, jalapeno, agave nectar, and blood orange lime, then [bleep] you.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Trail

Chef Robert Wiedmaier knows all about Shake and Bake, plus a lot more complicated cooking stuff. That's why he is a trailblazer and drinks a Trailblazer: Art In The Age Root (why yes, it is a liquor!), ginger beer & lime.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Sub

No fancy-pants foreigner could ever handle a Suburban (gin/ cucumber/ lime), though they might find it delicious and refreshing.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Bel

The Bel Air was a classic car, and now is a gin & Maraschino drink that's already got the respect of smoking hot babes everywhere.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Camaro

You know what winning's like? It's like the good feelings you'll get from rolling up your sleeves and sucking down this Camaro w/ bourbon, Ramazzotti, amaro, and old-fashioned bitters.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Grape

Dear sweet lord baby Jesus, please be sure next time I'm here looking excellent w/ my NoVa made from vodka, ginger syrup, cinnamon, and hand-squeezed grapefruit, I'll also be hand-squeezing my trophy wife's perfectly shaped grapefruits. And, in case that wasn't clear, I was referring to her breasts.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Metro

People like to make fun of my rye & Maraschino Metro, cause it's metrosensual or something. But those are also the same people that don't know dirt about being #1, or gettin' thrown out of an Applebee's.

Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington Malibu

You probably thought the Malibu'd be some lumpy butt lot lizard, but this girl's got some sweet moves like ginger pineapple and enough spiced rum to have you feeling like you just got scissor kicked in the head.