Food & Drink

Japanese whiskey, oysters, and a molecular sake bomb

Brian Liu

If you didn't already do enough slurping in the downstairs Ramen Shop, head up to the more intimate 2nd-floor Izakaya with enough Japanese cocktails & whiskey to ensure everyone gets Lost In Translation when you speak.The Tokyo-esque hidden getaway is outfitted with exotic Japanese beer crates, advertisements, and concert posters. Sneak up here from the crowd downstairs for smaller bites like spicy cod roe spaghetti and shishito peppers w/ gouda. Stay for Suntory times, or cocktails like a pisco/ Calpico/ yuzu/ egg white Calpisco Sour, and, amazingly, a Modern Sake Bomb that drops a gelatinous sake sphere into Sapporo (this is how everyone will be doing it in 2075... under the watchful eye of our robot overlords, of course).Photo by Brian Liu