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A beer hall with serious sausages


Turns out there just wasn't that much green in salads, so the owner of the Rabbit flipped his health-shack into Fatshorty's (his childhood nickname -- kids are so sweet and adorable!), a hybrid German/Belgian beer hall serving up gourmet sausages on picnic tables under string lights

There're 20 types of tubes, from "classics" like Hot Italian, to "gourmets" like Andouille, to "hardcore exotics" like this Rattlesnake & Rabbit Jalapeno, which fittingly has quite a bite

The wieners are sourced locally from places like Logan's Sausages in Alexandria, Richmond's Sausage Craft, Baltimore's Binkert's, and DC's own Simply Sausage. You can also combo 'em on platters: here's that Italian (with eggplant/red wine/fennel) aside the Amerikraner, a pork/beef/pickled cherry pepper spicer dubbed the "Dolph Lundgren of sausages" -- so prepare for your gut to feel like it was punched by a 240lb Russian wrecking machine

That Hot Italian (...the sausage from before, not Rocky) also gets chopped up and thrown into these PEI mussels, before everything's flavored with Erdinger beer

You can also drink said Erdinger along with five other import drafts like Bitburger and Kostriker, all of which come in seven -- yes seven -- different kinds of vessels, including steins, specialized session glasses, and snifters, so you can enjoy turning your nose up at something besides salad.

Fatshorty’s Sausage
Fatshorty’s Sausage Platter
Fatshorty’s Mussels
Fatshorty’s Beers