Espresso-infused bourbon, and more!

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay probably would have written a much sillier set of papers had they had a chance to sip The Federalist's 10 winter cocktails. Some highlights

No longer just what goes on at Coloradoan beer factories, this "Brew and Smoke" gets its "earthy spiciness" from smoked pepper tequila added to Allagash White & Ceylon reduction, all of which is topped with a porter

Behold the cinnamon/ milk/ honey & fig syrup/ apple cider "Bourbon Milk Punch"

They grill cloves on the spot, then stick 'em into a lemon rind that lays atop the "Winter Pimms Negroni" like a crown. Death’s Door Gin, Gran Clasico, chai vermouth, and Pimms No. 1 will ensure that your head feels anything but heavy

The heavenly "A La Mode" with warm apple butter, vanilla-kumquat whipped cream, and an apple spiced rum. Prepare to say goodbye to your sober constitution!