Food & Drink

A mean-lookin' upscale sports bar

Just like the mythical half-bird/ half-lion, this Gryphon is a whole different animal: a liger? a sports bar/upscale lounge hybrid outfitting an old Dupont bank with dark oak furnishings and animal skulls alongside high-tech lighting and sound systems. Their Korean short rib tacos get hit with Sriracha mayo, queso Cotija, and some kimchi w/ Korean chili flakes, which Dennis Rodman totally supports, despite exhibiting a disturbing lack of knowledge about said Korean chili flakes. Crispy fried oysters are set off with Worcestershire beurre blanc and smoked-maple hot sauce. The bar's got four drafts (like Troeg's Double Bock & Sam's Seasonal) and more than 30 bottles, and flanks a DJ booth housed in what was previously the vault of the historic Hamilton National Bank (likely closed because finance is all about Benjamins). And there's a comprehensive media system that integrates all 31 TVs, meaning bar managers can change all games via iPad in under 30 seconds at your polite request, so there's no need to act like an animal.