A secret, underground bar on 14th St

2 Birds One Stone Main

Things you'll do at 2 Birds 1 Stone: 1. Drink with friends underneath Doi Moi on 14th St in a cavernous white-washed cave of hidden cocktail treasures from the Estadio and Proof crew. 2. NOT throw any stones at ANY birds.

2 Birds One Stone Outside

First, head downstairs, and you'll find this unsuspecting door. Wait. Is this an apartment party?

2 Birds One Stone Seats

Oh phew, it's actually a 60-seat lounge w/ a wood bartop, custom leather booths, and four make-out-worthy alcoves, from which you can sip on choice cocktails like:

2 Birds One Stone Whiskey

A classic whiskey sour with a luxardo cherry garnish sweetened w/ a touch of honey.

2 Birds One Stone Tequila

The New Day w/ blanco tequila, Salers Gentiane, and Aperitivo Americano. And an orange hat.

2 Birds One Stone Gim

The Gimlet (gin/lime/housemade cordial) shines above the rest because of the light we put it under, and its vintage glassware.

2 Birds One Stone Dark

While the picture isn't very indicative of the name of the drink, the Darkside is a smooth combo of gin, Barolo Chinato, and Peychaud bitters.

2 Birds One Stone Secret

The unnamed rum/Campari/cane sugar/Stillwater Cellar Door is perfect for when you want a beer and a cocktail at the same time. Wait -- isn't there some sort of saying for taking care of two things at once?