Rye and flaming absinthe make 14th badass again

Black Whiskey Main

14th St is quickly becoming a clean-cut shell of its formerly rugged self, now playing host to wave after wave of Bed Bath & Beyond-loving yuppies. And yes, that is a blanket statement (or at least a duvet statement). But Black Whiskey's here to change all that, injecting 14th with two levels of weathered, rough 'n raw barrage that include savage cocktails, a huge whiskey selection, and a meat carving station worthy of George Washington Carver (...he was rich. Probably had a sick carving station.).First up, the Hellfire Sazerac: one part Thai chili-infused tincture, one part rye, and one part mind-blowing flaming atomizer absinthe spray.The chef from Kushi is behind this place, but you wouldn't know it from the decidedly not-Japanese chalkboard menu full of specials like this beef tenderloin with cauliflower puree."Satan's Circus" is how PETA refers to the Ringling Brothers. But it's also this rye, chili, Aperol, Cherry Heering, and lemon juice cocktail.Lips Together, Teeth Apart will end in an unfortunate fish face, but the drink will end in a big grin thanks to bourbon, Lillet Rouge, grapefruit, and a rosemary garnish.And this final rye drink pairs the stuff with super-bitter Italian liqueur Cynar for a concoction called Bitter Death, aka what old-school 14th St fans wish for the new clientele.

Black Whiskey Flame
Black Whiskey Carved Meat
Black Whiskey Satan
Black Whiskey Lips
Black Whiskey Bitter