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A beer hall by Nats Stadium

Germany and baseball: both rich in history, both filled with expensive brats, and both now alive at Nats Stadium. The Navy Yard iteration of Gordon Biersch is plopped down just North of the ballpark, ready for your pre- and post-game boozing with a retooled menu and 8290sqft of beer-chugging & burger-gorging space that includes an outdoor beer garden & patio.Signature lagers and seasonals are brewed on site in this little liquor lab, where all malted barley, hops, yeast, and filtered water meet the standards of the Reinheitsgebot, or "German Purity Law", if you want to say it in a way that sounds super ugly and is hard to pronounce.Here's the sampler flight of their beers: Golden Export lager, Bavarian hefeweizen, Czech medium-bodied pilsner, auburn Märzen lager, seasonal Maibock, and the Schwarzbier, which's got a coffee finish and is a favorite amongst govenators.Six fresh flatbreads sit on crispy crusts similar to traditional Neapolitan pizzas. This here Chipotle Shrimp has grilled pineapple and roasted Anaheim peppers, which, just like their Angels, are not very hot.Their six styles of "Knife and Fork" burgers include this 8oz aged cheddar cheese Kobe number, and apparently are better suited for utensils, so make like you're a high-paying baseball team and fork it over.