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Get crunk w/ Lil Jon and then say Yeah! to some free ice cream

Weekend Playbook Lil Jon

Thursday, June 6th
Unlike the "Gold Swagger" Pacers, Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck knows exactly how to beat the heat this June: with free ice cream, of course, you stupid Pacers. The B & J Truck will be tooling around the district all month long handing out free samples. Follow that truck, son
Come out to the National Building Museum to play mini golf from 6-9p on their two nine-hole courses designed/built by local architects and contractors, so everyone playing is also expected to produce a sub-par result. OH SNAP!
Take a look at the course, here
Now accepting orders for their Father's Day BBQ Bag-to-Go, Society Fair is extending Dad's ribs with a "his day" gift basket of house-smoked pork ribs, kielbasa, Memphis Red BBQ sauce, a bottle of red wine, and more, available for pick-up late next week.
No way Dad eats this whole thing even if he's fat, so it's basically like a gift to yourself
Friday, June 7th
All Summer long, Monday through Friday at
1789, you can grab their Summer-special, four-course tasting menu for only $50. You can even customize their own lineup online by choosing an entree, dessert, and two "starter options", like the RGIII, or the RGIII. Customize your dinner here
Start bedazzling your favorite mug now, because Lil Jon is doing a guest DJ set at the Huxley. Be ready to finally tell all your friends: "Yeah, I did get crunk up in da club with Lil Jon. Now give me back my BBQ Bag-to-Go."
Peep the deets here
Saturday, June 8th
Raise DC and some B*tches Who Brunch are going all EDM on Policy (noon 'til 4p), where you'll rage out with glow sticks, grab gourmet eats, and slam endless bloody Marys & mimosas.
Rumor has it these are almost sold out -- buy buy buy!