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What to Drink Tonight, According to How Your Day Went

How was your day? Don’t just brush the question off—really think about it. How was your day? Answer honestly and we’ll help you pick out the drink that will help make it even better or help you get over it.


If Your Day Was Just Okay: 50/50 Martini

You got up. Traffic was normal. You got to work. Your coffee was decent and hot enough. Your lunch was a chicken caesar salad and there wasn’t too much dressing. The afternoon meeting went smoothly. And now you’re home. This is not a day you’ll tell your grandchildren about in forty years. This isn’t even a day you’ll remember next week. It was totally adequate, neither good nor bad. Maintain that easy balance with a 50/50 Martini. It’s the perfect aperitif to sip while you contemplate cooking up a plain but nourishing chicken breast or ordering a personal pan pizza.


If Your Day Was Good: Guilty Pleasure Old Fashioned

There was a bit more of a spring in your step when you got home today. Perhaps it’s because your presentation went particularly well or someone brought doughnuts to the office or maybe it’s because you just met a really nice dog on the street. Whatever the case, you had a good day. Don’t rock the boat by making yourself a cocktail you’re not totally sure about. Instead, indulge in an Old Fashioned made with muddled orange and cherries. It might not be cocktail snob-approved, but the slightly sweeter version of the O.G. cocktail will keep that smile on your face.


If Your Day Was Great: Vieux Carre  

Everything just seemed to go right today. The sun was shining when you stepped out the door. It was warm—but not too warm—with a breeze. Work flew by and everything you did was perfect—from that email you sent out to the group to the joke you made at lunch (people were still talking about it when you left) to the report you filed (well before the deadline). Keep that high going by discovering your new favorite cocktail: the Vieux Carre. A mix of rye, Cognac, sweet vermouth, Benedictine and bitters, it’s like if a Sazerac and a Manhattan had a tasty baby.  


If Your Day Was Incredible: Champagne Cocktail

You got a raise, found $100 on the sidewalk, your office threw an impromptu taco party (and it’s not even Tuesday!) and then they let everyone go home early. So now you’re glowing, home before 5 p.m. and in need of a celebratory drink. Pop a bottle of Champagne, drop a sugar cube and some bitters into a glass and pour. Toast whoever or whatever is nearby (your cat, that picture of your great grandmother, the succulent) and enjoy.


If Your Day Was Bad: Margarita or Frozen Margarita

You knew it the second you woke to the sounds of your neighbors fighting and felt the pangs of a mild headache that you could tell wasn’t going to go away no matter how much aspirin you threw at it: Today was going to be bad. You spilled coffee on your shirt, got an earful from your boss and then, on your way home, a child jumped in a puddle next you, spraying you with dirty street water. It’s time for a Margarita—the only acceptable way to pour salt into a wound. Shake it up and serve it on the rocks or throw everything into a blender and puree your way to a better evening.


If Your Day Was Terrible: Mudslide

Your alarm didn’t go off so you were late to work and got the “warning” talk from your boss. You didn’t get a chance to eat lunch and had to subsist entirely on a stale bag of Fritos you found. You got a papercut—and then, running to get a paper towel to sop up the blood, you slipped, fell and sprained your ankle. Finally, your significant other broke up with you over text—with emojis. Ice cream won’t cut it—but boozy ice cream just might help soothe your wounds (both figurative and literal). Blend up a big, big batch of Mudslides, get into bed, and numb your brain with five hours of Friends.

Marisa Chavetz / Supercall

If Your Day Was Catastrophic: Four Horsemen

Your pet died. You got fired. And now there’s a meteor headed straight for Earth. Time for the Four Horsemen (Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker and John Jameson) to get to work. Drink up. It won’t be long now.