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What to Mix with Aperol

It’s hard to screw up a two-ingredient Aperol cocktail. The bittersweet amaro is so downright pleasant in pretty much any drink. It’s a fantastic low-ABV base for a summer Highball or bubbly, mid-winter tipple. Here are our favorite things to mix with Aperol.


Sure, an actual Aperol Spritz is made with both Prosecco and soda water, but paring the drink down to just Aperol and bubbly is like paring down a BLT to just bacon tomato—you still get all the good stuff. The lovely blush hue is the same, the flavors are all there and even the fun of popping a bottle of Prosecco remains.

Grapefruit Soda

We’re quickly learning that grapefruit soda is good for more than just Palomas (but honestly if we only drank Palomas for the rest of our lives, our love for the fruity mixer would see us through). Aperol and grapefruit are two of a kind—both lightly bittersweet, both strikingly pink and both cures for a sweltering, triple-digit day.

Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke and Aperol were destined to cohabitate in a highball glass. While the combo is certainly sweet, it’s also heavy with cola, coffee and earth. The cola and vanilla delicately balance against the bitter herbal tinge of the Aperol, so well that you’d almost think a master blender had a hand in the drink.  

Ginger Beer

Like any cocktail made with ginger beer, this drink varies greatly depending on your choice of nonalcoholic brew. If you choose a sweet ginger beer, you’ll get a Highball with lots of vanilla, cream and chocolate notes, almost like a slightly bitter cream soda. If you choose a spicier version, you’ll get something closer to a fizzy amaro, with baking spices and the taste of coffee layering on Aperol’s sweet flavor.


While the drink may smell like youthful debauchery, it tastes divine. The bitter flavors of the beverages intertwine, while the beer’s light yeasty flavor fills out the fruity high notes of the amaro. We could easily see sipping this in place of an Aperol Spritz.