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7 Ultra-Refreshing Drinks to Make with Cucumber Vodka

Cucumber vodka is like a big bottle of alcoholic spa water. Whether you buy it at the store or make it at home, the cooling, slightly sweet, pale green spirit is obviously delicious right out of the freezer. But once you’re done drinking straight cuke booze, don’t give up on the melony spirit. Here, the best drinks to make with a bottle of cucumber vodka.


Pour two ounces of cucumber vodka into a mixing glass with one ounce of dry vermouth, and stir with ice until very cold. Strain into a coupe, and garnish with a dash or two of orange bitters. It’s clean, slightly sweet and very, very drinkable. In fact, if you’re hesitant to try a straight Vodka Martini, treat this as your Martini training wheels.

Vodka Soda

Cucumber vodka and spritzy seltzer or club soda come together in a very simple, healthy(ish) cocktail that tastes a lot like a new offering from La Croix. If you want to jazz the drink up, try adding a few dashes of orange bitters, lavender bitters or grapefruit bitters. Unlike a regular Vodka Soda, you won’t tire of this drink after a couple of sips.

Moscow Mule

Swap out the standard vodka for cucumber vodka in your Moscow Mule and you’ll be rewarded with a sweet and spicy treat. The flavor is a lot like the ginger you get with a sushi order—bright, tangy and just a touch fruity. You don’t even need the copper mug to make this Mule stand out.


A little fresh lime juice and a touch of simple syrup is all you need to shake your cucumber vodka into a refreshing Gimlet. Lime and cucumber are a natural match, with the cucumber softening the acidic lime juice and the lime adding brightness to the mellow cucumber. A classic Gimlet is a celebration of citrus, but this one is a brand new, balanced drink.

Bloody Mary

For a fresher Bloody, swap out standard vodka for cucumber vodka and go light on the spices in your Bloody Mary mix []. You’ll have a garden-forward Bloody with lots of fresh tomato and cucumber flavors. It’s the perfect brunch drink in late spring or early summer, served with lots and lots of ice and a cucumber wheel garnish.

Cape Codder

Essentially a Vodka Cranberry with a splash of lime juice, a Cape Codder is, in its original form, a bright, tart drink that’s easy to make and easier to drink. Swap in cucumber vodka, though, and you’ll add some creamy sweetness to the drink and an extra layer of complexity.


It may be blasphemous to make a Negroni without gin, but cucumber vodka makes for a great substitute. The cocktail is certainly less bright and bitter than a classic Negroni, but it still makes for an appetite-enhancing aperitif, and the cucumber flavor can hold its own next to the bracing Campari.