Which Canned Cocktail to Have at Your Holiday Party, Based on the Vibe

Marissa Dickson/Thrillist. Images courtesy of Loyal 9.
Marissa Dickson/Thrillist. Images courtesy of Loyal 9.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start gearing up for the Friendsgivings, Ugly sweater parties, White Elephants, and general winter get-togethers. The good news is that whether you’re a host or guest, there’s a party hack that makes every occasion easier: canned cocktails. Ready-to-drink cocktails like Loyal 9 take the guesswork out of bringing the right drinks and mixers. The only remaining question, then, is which flavor to get. To make your holiday party planning even easier, we put together a list of which Loyal 9 vodka lemonade flavor to bring, based on the party’s vibe.

The “Refined, But Not Too Stuffy” Vibe

The end of the year is the high point for all your formal-wear dreams. If you’re itching to throw a white-tie party, mix up the drinks with something that wouldn’t be out of place at the country club: the Lemonade + Iced Tea flavor. They're made with real lemons and brewed tea — sounds fancy, right? — but they're also just a delicious and convenient way to serve up a great cocktail for a fashionable crowd that still likes to let loose.

The “Forgot to Bring a Gift for White Elephant” Vibe

Gift exchanges are all fun and games until you forget that they’re happening. When it comes to last-minute party favors, mix it up with the Mixed Berry Lemonade flavor. It's bursting with bright and merry vibes and features the delicious flavors of lemonade paired with blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, so it makes for a better crowd pleaser than the usual ugly sweaters and reindeer headbands. Easy to drink means easy to gift, and nobody’s turning down a four-pack of canned cocktails that work in every setting.

The “Only The Classics” Vibe

Maybe you have a high standard for your holiday parties: mistletoe, everyone in their coziest & corniest sweaters, and a yule log on the TV. If that’s the case, then go for the classic: original Lemonade. Loyal 9’s flagship made with real lemons, and its sweet, yet tart flavor shines in just about any setting, making it the ideal match for a party that’s all fun, no fluff (except for the fake snow that you brought for the mantel).

The “Trying To Bring Back Summer” Vibe

While decked-out halls and paper snowflakes everywhere make for a cozy party, some people just want to bring back barbecues and cornhole tournaments. To help you switch it up, we recommend Loyal 9’s Watermelon Lemonade. It’s the flavor that reminds us of warmer days, made from real lemons and real vodka, and it’ll help slow those winter blues before they even start. To fully match the mood, have guests dress in florals and shorts — just be sure to crank up the heat.