7 Reasons Why Eggnog Is Great and You Should Break Your Diet for a Glass

dir="ltr">Creamy, sweet and just waiting for you to give into its nutmeg-dusted charm, Eggnog is a holiday temptation that many people stupidly turn down, opting instead for that extra cookie or chocolate Santa. But I’m here to say that you should submit. Fall into Eggnog’s silky embrace and break your half-assed holiday diet. You’ll be glad you did. Still need more convincing? Here are seven reasons why it’s worth the calorie splurge.

Our First President Drank Eggnog

dir="ltr">Are you saying you’re better than George Washington? Because if you refuse a glass of Eggnog, that’s certainly what you seem to be suggesting. Washington liked his ‘Nog with a serious kick. His recipe included a pint each of brandy, whiskey, Jamaican rum and sherry, along with a dozen eggs, sugar, cream and milk. It took several days to make and should’ve taken that long to drink, but we’re guessing once it was ready it went down quick and easy.

It Can Be Served Hot or Cold

dir="ltr">Feeling chilly? Warm it up. Looking for a more refreshing creamy treat? Pour it straight from the fridge. This drink is versatile and can be enjoyed anywhere, no matter your proximity to the equator.

It’s Fun to Say

dir="ltr">Say it with me: Eggnog. I’d like a glass of Eggnog. Pass the ‘Nog, won’t you dear? I can’t wait for a big glass of ‘Nog. Nog. ‘Nog ‘Nog ‘Nog ‘Nog.

There’s a Billion Ways to Make It

dir="ltr">Well, maybe not a billion. But no matter where you are in the world, there’s an Eggnog variation. From the tropical, coconut milk-based Coquito of Puerto Rico to the smoky, scotch-spiked Auld Man’s Milk of Scotland, you can easily drink your way around the world ordering Eggnog variations alone.

It Means Business

dir="ltr">It may be sweet and it may be creamy, but as George Washington proved, Eggnog can pack a serious punch. In fact, it once caused a riot. In 1826, cadets at West Point got so “jolly” on whiskey-spiked Eggnog that 22 of them wound up under house arrest. So don’t go saying that it’s not worth breaking your diet because it’s some namby-pamby drink. When made right, Eggnog can be right up there with a Manhattan.

You Can Drink It at Any Time of Day

dir="ltr">It’s good with pancakes in the morning and equally good with cookies at the end of the night. As the old saying goes: Eggnog in the morning, Eggnog in the evening, Eggnog at suppertime, when Eggnog’s in your glass mug you can drink Eggnog any time (as long as it’s during the holidays—don’t be that guy drinking Eggnog in June).

It’s One of the Only Acceptable Ways to Drink Something That’s Essentially Melted Ice Cream

dir="ltr">The difference between Eggnog and ice cream is just a freezer. But everyone is happy to look the other way as long as there’s a pine wreath nearby. Don’t be dumb: Take advantage of this opportunity and drink down that boozy custard. The diet can wait until January.