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Why Your Vodka-Loving Friend Is Actually Really Cool

You mock them when they order Cosmos and Sea Breezes. You roll your eyes at their freezer stocked with Tito’s and Absolut. You try to cajole them into drinking a “grown-up” drink like an Old Fashioned. But, actually, your vodka-loving friend deserves respect. Here’s why:

They Can Find Something to Drink at Any Bar

From dive bars to shmancy cocktail bars, your vodka-swilling pal can find something to drink wherever you take them. Heck, even tiki bars serve Chi Chis and the most exclusive whiskey bars in the world will still stock a bottle of vodka or two. No matter where they go, they’ll be happy as a clam in vodka sauce, whereas folks like your bourbon-only friends are all too often left drinking something subpar.

They’re Easily Pleased

If there’s vodka in it, they’ll probably like it. That is, of course, unless you’ve gone and added another type of alcohol. Then they’re not interested. But tonic water? Orange juice? Cranberry cocktail? Smoothie leftover from this morning? Throw in some vodka and they’ll be pleased as punch (vodka punch, of course; none of your rum punch, thank you very much).

They’re Cheap Dates

Unless you’re springing for bottle service, even expensive vodka is pretty cheap. Most hover in the mid-20s range with plenty of great bottles coming in below that. You can keep a vodka drinker in good spirits (literally) for a year for as much money as it would cost to keep a scotch drinker happy for a month. Keep your vodka friends close. Your wallet will thank you.

They’re Retro

Vodka was big in the ‘90s, and guess what’s back in style? That’s right, along with crop-tops, neon earrings and Hey Arnold!, vodka is cool again. Bars across the country are resurrecting and elevating once kitsch vodka cocktails like the Sex on the Beach and the Cosmopolitan. Your friend’s go-to orders are suddenly back in style. And, unlike you, they’re not just jumping on the vodka-fueled bandwagon.

They’re Like James Bond

Agent 007 drank Vodka Martinis. So if you’re saying vodka isn’t cool, does that mean you’re saying James Bond isn’t cool? James Bond is very cool.

They Get Fun Cocktails

Not every fruit goes with rum, and you can’t layer too many flavors onto whiskey. But neutral vodka will take on whatever you throw at it. That means that bartenders can go crazy with fruits and flavors when creating a vodka-based cocktail. Your gin drink may be delicious, but your friend’s over-the-top, hot pink, crazilly-garnished vodka cocktail will be the one winning all the likes on Instagram.

Their Fridge Is Always Stocked

A gin drinker’s fridge is filled with tonic water and maybe some ginger ale. But a vodka drinker’s fridge is filled with juices and sodas galore. They have to make their neutral spirit of choice taste like something, after all.